NAIFA’s Government Relations Team Provides DoL Update

“Good to hear that the DoL Rule is not final!” – Attendee Deb Brown

Judi Carsrud
Judi Carsrud

NAIFA’s Director of Government Relations Judi Carsrud and Political Involvement Manager, Maggie Buneo, join us on Power Session LIVE for a DoL Update! With the new administration, it may not be final… but what can we expect? Tune in and take advantage of the support that NAIFA and Real Wealth® provides you!



DOL Resources from NAIFA & Real Wealth®

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  6. Attend NAIFA’s Day on the Hill Congressional Conference in May! No matter which party is in office, we need to educate our representatives on what’s best for our clients. By the way – it’s fun! Enjoy collaborating with your colleagues and the camaraderie at a NAIFA event!

NAIFA Day on the Hill