2 in 1! – How HRAs can save you $5,984/yr + IT Security and best practices

“I had thought that HRAs for sole proprietors were dead!  Thanks for the great info so I can revisit potential recommendation of HRAs to applicable clients.” – Attendee Garth Hassel


This one session offers you two dynamic ideas to help you grow and protect your business! Matt Carberry, HRA Expert, will shows the ins and outs of Health Reimbursement Plans, and how they can save you $5,984 a year in taxes! There’s not much you can do to lower your monthly insurance premium, but there IS a way you can off-set the cost of everything else, including co-pays, deductibles, chiropractic care, braces and orthodontics, corrective eye surgery …and almost any other service you can think of!

After that, Brad Otto will covers IT problems & solutions such as where most cybersecurity threats come from, why people/employees are the weakest link in your IT security chain, & how to design a backup and disaster recovery strategy to mitigate threats.  You even get a cybersecurity checklist you can use to evaluate where you stand today

Yes, this replay is FREE!  We don’t normally do this, but since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, we’re feelin’ the love!  You can also download a free copy of the entire presentation’s slides HERE.  Just looking for the DoL Update? Click HERE.

Extra resources from HRA Expert Matt Carberry:

  1. Watch this 10 min video as a quick HRA refresher course from today’s webinar and scroll down for a $50 discount on their services.
  2. Contact Matt with your questions: Matthew.Carberry@tasconline.com or (608) 268-8885.
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Extra resources from IT Specialist Brad Otto:

  1. Download Brad’s “CyberSecurity Checklist” for free HERE.
  2. Download Brad’s “Disaster Recovery Action” Plan for free HERE.
  3. Claim your discount if you’d like Brad to be YOUR personal IT guy!  He’s arranged a Real Wealth® discount for a variety of services including IT Cyber Security, Online Backup, and our hourly rate for consulting help!
  4. Contact Brad with your questions HERE.  Be sure to put “Real Wealth” in the Promo Code field.