FSI’s David Bellaire Gives DoL Update After Texas Ruling & Trump Memorandum

“Excellent, timely overall update to DOL Fiduciary Rule!” – Attendee Joe Anthes

David Bellaire
David Bellaire

David Bellaire, EVP and General Counsel of the Financial Services Institute joined us on Power Session LIVE for the newest installment of the DoL drama!  With the latest Texas court ruling vs. the Trump Administration’s promise of less regulation, we’re all still at the edge of our seats with the DoL Rule.  What are industry organizations doing lately?  What can we do to help defend our industry?  Watch David’s DoL update for free!



DOL Resources from FSI’s David Bellaire, NAIFA & Real Wealth®

  1. Join FSI and support organizations like FSI & NAIFA who fight for you and the industry.
  2. Go to the hill and speak up with NAIFA in May and with FSI in June.
  3. Share this DOL update link with your fellow advisors/agents.  Stay informed!
  4. Contact FSI’s advocacy department with questions: advocacy@financialservices.org
  5. Contact NAIFA with questions: GovernmentRelations@NAIFA.org
  6. Visit NAIFA.org/Advocacy for more information