2021 Member Updates

Market yourself efficiently, effectively, and consistently. 

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What this video covers:

  • Overview of what Real Wealth® does for you & your business

    • Educational marketing content for email & social
    • Additional campaigns for email & social – holiday greetings, relationship builders
    • Sales idea webinars for you, the professional
  • Features that came out earlier that you should be aware of and implement

    • New fields & customization options, e.g. nickname feature & emojis
    • CRM integration updates for Redtail & Smartoffice
    • Marketable analytics, advanced list segmentation, notifications
    • Sales Intel Engine
    • Marketing consultation time a la carte
  • Features that JUST came out!

    • Concierge seminar marketing campaigns
    • New service options, including Standard & VIP Memberships
    • Referral rewards – give & get $50 when your referral signs up for Real Wealth®
    • GAME-CHANGERS: Automation bot & form builder updates – GREAT for seminar marketing!
  • What we’re putting together in 2021!

    • Print Marketing
    • List Marketing
    • Targeted content campaigns
  • Sections of this video:

    • 00:00 Introductions
    • 02:40: General service overview
    • 16:28: What’s been updated in 2020
    • 32:34: Game-changing updates
    • 57:01: What’s coming up in 2021
    • 1:00:25: The value
    • 1:02:02: Membership & service options
    • 1:05:24: Marketing motivation!
    • 1:11:58: Q&A

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Feedback from your peers on this session:

We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from today’s presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you heard today’s presentation? What will this service help you do that you can’t or couldn’t do before? 

“We need to use this.” -Grant Thompson

“That we have have Sam working with us. We will send an email to Sam for a chat with prior detailed questions/actions. We are long-time Premier Members Your “new” marketing ideas are attractive vs what we have been doing for college seminars. Great work and coordination for us. Thanks.” -Roger Relfe

“New features look great. Plan how to begin using and incorporating into my business. Looking forward to implementing the form builder, concierge seminars, and list marketing.” -Timothy Smith

“More ideas and recommendations for making good use of the email options. Research how to better connect with our clients and prospects and make better use of the information. It will help me be more motivated to help Roger connect with and follow up with clients. Thank you for all the information. I will now review, more carefully, all the sections of The Real Wealth® System to reacquaint myself with all these options!” -Ann Flanagan

“All the new features. Try to draw together more organized marketing and client contact. Organizing client attraction and contact, more efficiently. I have been using the Premier program on auto-pilot. This pandemic has allowed me to see how I can get more done without actually seeing people face-to-face. Now I need to do more of this, more efficiently.” -R Allan Jensen

“Automation bots. I need to get all my clients’ emails entered and would like to send out a survey to have them complete ideas for events as well as update personal information so I have more opportunity to connect with them. I love how easy it is to set something up and it hits so many people. I have been send a local doctor’s COVID information to everyone through an email that literally takes 3 minutes to set and send. 🙂 LOVE IT. Targeted content and auto bots are the most exciting features to me.” -Heather Lindsley

“Bot marketing. I would like a consultation in the near future. I’d like to connect the marketing to my website. I’m also beefing up LinkedIn marketing and want to get Real Wealth® on there.” -GW King

“Love all the automation and realize I need to start using this system better. I want to talk to you about what I have and what I can add so that you are more engaged in helping me. Great call and love what you are doing and want to use it daily – but I need someone to help me do that.” -Robin Edgar

“You have a lot of new services.” -John Davis

“I should be utilizing this more. Transfer a lot of what we do that you can do better and more efficiently. Have a great holiday!!” -Denny Prentice

“Advanced List Segmentation. Contact Sam De Barge. Possible Holiday Greetings to clients.” -Thomas Broderick

“Too much to list but it was great. Work on marketing and my system/process. Organize myself. Great reminder of the services offered.” -Roberto Corral

“All the added benefits. Implement a few. More automation.” -Gene Mahn

“All the new improvements that I wasn’t aware of – particularly related to forms and automations! Implement some of the forms and automation sequences for our small client workshops. Make our email follow up more automated, and include more lead captures on our website. I’m super excited for the  Automation Bot, Forms, and Targeted/Content-Specific Campaigns!” -Rose Sarko


Real Wealth® is dedicated to educating, inspiring, and motivating Americans to make smart choices with their money. That’s why we provide a turnkey marketing solution to financial professionals like you! We know you are the key to the success of our mission – consumers need your guidance to make decisions that optimize their financial and retirement plans.

Thank you for choosing Real Wealth® to grow your business!