CRT/CLT/Roth Training & Consulting

This Panel of Tax Planning Experts is here to help

Let’s save your clients some money!

This team of Tax Planning experts will consult with you on an existing case and can even train your own CPA on how you can all work together to execute these strategies time and time again in an efficient and effective manner.

The Experts:



Strategies & Rates:

Charitable Lead Annuity Trust* Consultation: Basic 5% payout over 20 yrs.

  • Initial Year Tax Return: $250
  • Additional Year Tax Return: $225
  • Customization Available, call for a quote.
    • Charitable Lead Annuity Trust* Consultation: Basic 5% payout over 20 yrs.Attorney Fees for WI**: $300Initial Year Tax Return: $250Additional Year Tax Return: $225Customization Available, call for a quote.Charitable Remainder Trust* Consultation:Attorney Fees for WI**: $1,000-$1,500 Setup of Initial Tax Return: $450Annual Prep Fee: $350-$600

Charitable Remainder Trust* Consultation:

  • Setup of Initial Tax Return: $450
  • Annual Prep Fee: $350-$600

Roth Conversion Analysis:

  • Analysis: $125/hr
    • Includes consultation with client
    • Includes analysis executed by 25+ year CPA

CPA Training:

  • Neil Narveson will help train your own local CPA: $125/hr

*Additional tax consulting and analysis such as Roth Conversion Analysis in conjunction with these strategies will be billed at $125/hr.

**This is for documentation preparation only. You’ll need to consult a local attorney if legal advice is desired for outside of Wisconsin.

Free Webinar Training Session on these strategies:

Charitable Planning for the Middle Class – presented 6/19/2018

Video appears at 1:38


Helpful Resources:

• Watch Brian Byars’ Power Session LIVE on Veterans and Title XIX Planning
• Tune in to Sandy Botkin’s Power Session LIVE on taxes and the new changes and opportunities that are now available, especially for business owners!
• Question we didn’t get to answer during the session: How are Gold ETF’s taxed? Neil Narveson, CPA, answers “if it is a physically backed ETF, it is taxed as a collectible at 28%.”
• “Are your clients not charitably inclined? Just call it the tax avoidance trust!”
• How to start this conversation with your clients? Plant seeds now! Whether or not they disclose to you that they have rental property, land, etc., let them know before they make a big sale to talk to you first. Remember, once the sale starts it’s too late!
• “Clients are sick of the tenants, toilets, and termites of their rental property, but they won’t sell because of the tax. Share these ideas with them and you could be their hero!”
• “If I could show you a way to sell this without you having to pay all that tax, would you be interested in knowing how that might work?”
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