Don’t Go Broke in a Nursing Home!

Become a Million Dollar LTC Advisor.

Don Quante

Don Quante is a 16 year MDRT Top of the Table Advisor and one of the nation’s top Long Term Care agents, and he has two amazing resources to help you increase your LTC sales, one for you, and one for your clients!

For your clients

“Don’t Go Broke in a Nursing Home!” is an out-of-the-box way to educate your clients on how they can help their aging parents get quality long-term care without going broke in the process!

The book is empowering, and shows people that it really is possible to gain control back. It also discusses legal strategies and government benefits available that can help elders in a crisis pay for long-term care without going broke in the process. Don covers veteran benefits as well, which can help veterans receive up to $24,652 each year tax-free to pay for long-term care.

You can personalize these books with your photo and contact information so your clients and prospects know exactly who to call to implement their LTC plan. Personalization of the books themselves is a one-time fee of $547, plus the cost of the books (see pricing and bulk discounts – make sure to order with the info below for your Real Wealth® discount.)

Your Real Wealth® discount:

Through Real Wealth®, you save $50 off the cost of personalization of the books.
Included: 25 copies of the book.

For questions or concerns, contact Michelle Martin 636-229-4616 and mention Real Wealth®.

For you

Get trained on Long Term Care insurance by one of the country’s top producing agents, Don Quante! Learn how to communicate with your clients about this uncomfortable topic with ease; for example:

The 3-question series that Million Dollar LTC Advisor Don Quante uses to sell LTC insurance:

  1. Do you have life insurance? [Yes.]
  2. Do you have the old kind or the new kind? [What do you mean?]
  3. With the old kind, when you pass, your family will get $1M of tax free dollars. With the new kind, your family will still get that $1M of tax free dollars, AND you’ll get $10k/month if you get sick or need LTC. Which kind sounds like a better fit for you – the old kind or the new kind?

Elder care replaced child care as the #1 work place concern, and it’s a $37 billion problem. Learn how to turn it into a million dollar opportunity for your practice at the Million Dollar Advisor Bootcamp.


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