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Technology Services & Computer Repair

P3C Technologies provides a multitude of technology related services from consultations to computer fixes. P3C can recommend and help implement top technologies and services in your business.

P3C Tech’s experience and knowledge can help you seamlessly run a business from your office, or from your home. Communication, security, storage, and remote access are all services P3C can help your business excel in.


What Every Financial Advisor Must Know about theses services:

P3C Technologies has a range of different platforms, services, and technologies to help you securely, easily, and confidently run an office from anywhere:  

  • Proactive IT Managed Service packages to keep your office running smoothly and securely – you continue to do what you do best, and P3C will manage the tech.

  • Business Phone Systems that can take your office with you ‘on-the-go’. Make and receive calls, faxes, and text messages from the best VOIP phone solutions out there.

  • In an ever-increasing digital world, we reach for the cloud. P3C Cloud allows you to break free from the restraints of your local network. Increase productivity, and give your employees the best work solutions out there.

  • Sometimes it takes that first incident to get us to think about the ‘what-ifs’. Whether it’s irreplaceable family photos or crucial business documents, don’t lose what’s most important to you with Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions.

For financial advisors trying to keep up with all of the technology without losing time with your clients, P3C is offering a free 1-hour consultation through your Real Wealth® membership!

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