Social Security Consultations

Learn how to help your clients maximize their benefits from one of the country’s top Social Security Experts.

Jim Blair



Become your clients’ hero by helping them maximize their Social Security benefits. Get a professional analysis by Jim Blair, who has 35 years of experience with the Social Security Administration, and is the Co-Founder of the National Social Security Advisor Certificate Program. This consultation service is for you to review some options that will provide your clients with hundreds of dollars in benefits each month and make them your #1 fan! For further one-on-one assistance, Jim Blair is offering to help make sure that your clients are getting the Social Security benefits they deserve. Jim is passionate about educating advisors in all fifty states in order to maximize their value to clients, and he would love to help you and your clients as well!!

A Social Security Consultation includes:

  • The Social Security Benefit Client Questionnaire Form
  • Calculations executed by a Social Security Expert
  • 15 minutes, or 30 minutes if you know you’re going to need it, with the Social Security Expert to review your clients Social Security options and discuss recommendations on how best to optimize your clients’ Social Security benefit
  • A report from the Social Security Expert reviewing the strategies available to your client.
Each 15 minute Social Security Consultation costs $99 through Real Wealth®, 30 minute consultations are $149, and additional time (15 minute increments) is $75.