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Amy Lieberman

Executive Director of Insight Mediation Group, Attorney

Attorneys, C-level executives and HR professionals challenged with resolving employment conflict consider Amy Lieberman’s ADR and mediation skills their secret to success.  Among the Best Lawyers in America in her field, this experienced and sought-after mediator, author, trainer and speaker enlightens and brings opposing parties together to ease tensions, protect capital and restore balance.

Since 2001, Amy’s skilled mediation sessions have influenced thousands to peacefully resolve their conflicts and enjoy the high value benefits that flow from successful closure.  Her niche expertise in employment disputes, combined with the rare ability to handle both legal and interpersonal conflict, sets Amy apart, enabling her to embrace tough conflict, and to provide peace of mind and enhanced business relationships.

Insight Mediation’s neutral services include mediation of claims in litigation, EEOC charges, executive, partnership and workplace conflict, and claims brought pursuant to internal dispute resolution programs.

Other services include arbitration, investigation, and organizational workshops and training in the Mediation Success techniques developed by Amy Lieberman, and showcased in her book, Mediation Success: Get it Out, Get it Over and Get Back to Business.

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