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Brian Wickert

President and founder of Accunet Mortgage

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Brian Wickert, founder of Accunet Mortgage, is active in civic affairs, supporting the community and the arts:
Civic Involvement:
Accunet would like you to know that we’re not in it just for the money. We believe that “to whom much has been given, much is expected.” We have enjoyed success as a company and feel it’s important to give back to the community we serve. We make an effort to share our profits with organizations in need of funds and donate annually to such organizations as:
Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity This past year Accunet cosponsored the building of a home in Milwaukee — and will continue to do so each year. We support Habitat for Humanity because they have a direct impact on people and through home building can actually change a life.
Milwaukee Children’s Hospital In 2004, Accunet founder Brian Wickert and his wife Rebekah established the Accunet Mortgage Foundation for School Health Services, providing health education, prevention and first line treatment to some of the Milwaukee area’s most needy children. Health professionals know that prevention is the best cure. By teaching and treating children at a young age, we can prevent disease and significantly reduce future suffering while lowering future health costs.
Wilson Center for the Arts The arts, be they music, dance, theater or visual arts, are forms of expression which make us truly human. The Wilson Center is a unique non-profit organization located in suburban Milwaukee dedicated to arts education and performance for people of all ages throughout the region (both urban and suburban). In 2005-2006, Accunet Mortgage sponsored the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra’s debut performance series of three concerts at the 700-seat Wilson Center. The Milwaukee Symphony is recognized as one of the top ten symphonies in the United States. One of their performances at the Wilson Center included local high school students performing side-by-side with these world class professionals. Accunet Mortgage president Brian Wickert currently serves on the board of directors of the Wilson Center.

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