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Kevin Kowalke

Founder of the "Thursday Morning Thing"

About Kevin Kowalke

My Journey in the World of Business

It all started in 1988, when at the age of 15.5 years old I was hired for my first job as a sub sandwich maker. Little did I know at that time, that it would be the start of a lifelong passion to have a “people first” focus while being a leader in the business world.

After focusing on making peoples’ day by creating delicious lunch and dinner options, I set out into one of the greatest learning lessons life can offer. I decided to work in the retail world selling athletic shoes and apparel at the local malls. This environment taught me everything I needed to know about making real connections with people and understanding how to truly help them in the buying process. My goal was to have the customer walk away and believe they had a great experience.

Working in the “retail therapy” world helped me make my way through college earning my Bachelor of Science degree in business from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside in 1996. I was fortunate to play collegiate baseball, which taught me many lessons that would carry with me into my entrepreneurial endeavors.

After realizing the world of retail would only take me so far in life, I made the decision to take a massive pay cut and enter the world of banking as an entry level employee focusing on collecting money from customers who were delinquent on there accounts. This experience opened my eyes to the importance of establishing trust and focusing on relationship building with each and every person I called on a month-to-month basis. Figuring out how to get people to hand you money when they owe it to more than just you has been the most challenging task I have done to date. I believe anyone who will get into business should have to start here.

After a short 9-month stint in banking back in 1997, I decided to take a position as a residential mortgage lender and accepted my first 100% commission job. This launched me into the mindset of knowing that I must “control my own destiny.” After 3 years of trying to figure out how to be successful, it all finally clicked in January 2001 and from there I haven’t looked back. To date, I am still active in my mortgage practice helping homeowners navigate the confusing world obtaining financing for their homes.

Even with the rush of being a successful entrepreneur inside of me, I found myself tired & frustrated of the same old networking events I was attending. So I took it upon myself to start my own group of the “Best Entrepreneurs and Most Interesting People in Wisconsin” called the Thursday Morning Thing. Every month up to 100 business leaders show up to be part of the most exclusive & largest privately run monthly group of entrepreneurs in the state of WI. These individuals have a common goal and that is to be the best and brightest business owners with a focus on stewardship in their community. Since 2006 I have consulted one on one with over 500 business professionals from commissioned sales people, business startups and owners of businesses with over $400 million dollars in annual production. The success stories are endless.

After experiencing continued success consulting with business professionals, the opportunity presented itself to work with dentists and their staff to create a true patient first approach when it comes to dental care.

I am grateful that the blessings and talents that God has given me allow me to be successful and impact fellow entrepreneurs. My faith is what drives my pursuits in life. Along with my passion of creating successful businesses, I find time to be a passionate Boston Red Sox fan, snowboard all across the Western states of America and travel with my wife and best friend, Julie.

With all the success I have achieved, I am in the process of launching a company in the honor of my Grandfather, Morris Freeze, which will have a focus on developing America’s college students, veterans and women to become tomorrow’s business leaders. I desire to have an impact on those who will follow in my footsteps as an entrepreneur. I believe America has lost it soul and I am on a relentless mission to bring it back!

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