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Mary Anne Ehlert

CFP® and Founder of Protected Tomorrows

Mary Anne Ehlert, CFP®, is a financial professional and sister to an individual with disabilities. She is highly regarded as a specialist in working with families of individuals with disabilities, and the elderly, and speaks to conferences and national television audiences.

Mary Anne’s journey began in senior management positions within the banking industry, including Deutsche Credit Corp, Heller Financial and Citicorp.  For over 20 years she was a leader in the corporate world leaving in 1990 to create Ehlert Financial Group, a business driven to assist individuals and families develop both short, and long term, financial strategies to help them find peace of mind.

Over the years, she found that many individuals and families were receiving transactional advice, rather than overall planning, and thus she set about to become a true personal advisor to her clients.  She also found herself focusing on families like her own, families of individuals with special needs.  Her sister, Marcia, helped her understand that families with special needs must plan differently. Since then, a division of her practice focuses on working with these families.

Protected Tomorrows, Inc., the special needs division, helps families plan a safe and fulfilling life for their loved ones with special needs. As President and Founder of Protected Tomorrows, Inc., Mary Anne serves as a member of the Board of Directors of several organizations providing services to children and adults with special needs, including the National Disability Institute, Illinois Special Olympics and the Advisory Board of Integrative Touch for Kids.

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