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Michael Staeb

Advisor Consultant

Michael’s experience in the insurance business actually precedes his college years. During summers in high school he would work on marketing campaigns and producer mailers with his mother, a nationally recognized expert and wholesaler of disability income protection products. The early seeds of dedication and passion for this business and what it does for our clients started in 2001, when Michael moved to Seattle and joined the agency of major mutual insurance company. In less than a year the General Agent offered him a full-time position running an array of back-office operations for the agency.

After four years in the career world, Michael was invited to cofound the new Seattle office of the largest independently-owned brokerage general agency (BGA) in the country. During his nearly eight years there Michael gained experience in broad array of planning strategies. He honed his skills incorporating both case design strategies and underwriting, while supporting producers from a variety of backgrounds. Twice Michael put on full-day advanced planning events; each well attended by advisors.

In July 2012 Michael created his own BGA, Staeb Brokerage, to serve and support advisors in providing their clients with the best possible solutions. After growing the firm for 2 ½ years he joined forces with local, established firm, Washington Brokerage, run by the Ingersoll family since 1980. This joining of forces brought together two well-respected Northwest BGAs, combining each firms’ strengths in practice development, planning strategies, training, and joint case work to support their advisors.

Michael is an active member/volunteer of the National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors (NAIFA), serving as President of NAIFA Seattle/Eastside and Region VI Vice President, Communications Chair, and 2014 State Convention Chair for NAIFA Washington. He is a LILI graduate (Leadership in Life Institute, a NAIFA program) and 2013 recipient of YAT Agent of the Year Award from the state association. Outside the industry, Michael is an advocate for access to education and equal rights for all people. He spent 5 years on the Board of Directors of the Greater Seattle Business Association (GSBA), focusing on their scholarship program and advocacy efforts on behalf of LGBT families and their businesses.

Some recent accomplishments include being a presenter for a NAIFA National webinar, speaking at the 2016 NAIFA Performance + Purpose Conference, and being published in NAIFA’s Advisor Today Magazine.

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