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Mitch Weiss

Economics Professor at the University of Hartford

Mitch has owned, operated, bought, sold and turned around businesses. He currently heads his own consulting firm assisting banks, finance companies, small businesses and ventures.

Business Leader.

Mitch has been Chairman and CEO of several commercial finance companies, a senior executive at two banks, a member of the Board of Directors of several non-profit organizations and is currently on the Board of the Barney School of Business at the University of Hartford.

Mitch and a colleague developed a popular course on personal finance for the University of Hartford, He’s also been teaching it since its fall 2009 debut. His lecture style is the same as his writing style— relaxed, conversational, spirited and irreverent. The material in Life Happens is drawn from those lectures and from his extensive industry experience and expertise.

Mitch and his wife, Ronnie, have helped their two grown children through college and the starting-out pains of their independent lives and careers. He not only survived those challenges, he’s also lived to talk about them and to share his hard-won knowledge with you in Life Happens: A Practical Guide to Personal Finance from College to Career.

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