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Oshana Himot

Business Coach

Oshana Himot is a speaker, author and organizational mentor. She works with professionals and groups, assisting them to achieve their goals and create joy, wellbeing and success in their life and work. Her academic credentials include a Masters of Business Administration degree from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California and credits towards a Ph.D. in Management from the Maharishi International University in Fairfield, Iowa.

Oshana’s speaking presentation, Creating Joy and Achieving My Goals, assists professionals to create joy and success. Several years ago, she discovered that when her colleagues have joy in their life, they achieve their goals, develop positive relationships and create new possibilities in their life and work. She developed exercises which assisted her to create joy and also created exercises for achieving goals and creating success.

The foundation for this work comes from her professional experience as an organizational consultant, trainer and mentor. Oshana works with professionals in several fields including; financial services, technology, sustainability, social media and other fields. Her areas of expertise are; leadership, teamwork, organizational training and life skills training.

Oshana believes that creating joy and achieving your goals assist you to excel and make a positive contribution to society. She is currently writing a book about joy.

Her original methods assist people to achieve their goals, develop their strengths and skills, create joy in their life and work and contribute to society in positive ways. In addition to speaking, training and mentoring, Oshana also shares her original work in a planning calendar she created called Oshana’s Joy Calendar, which helps people to achieve their goals and to be organized every day.

Her hobbies include; listening to music, exercising and studying health.

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