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Rebecca Walser

Tax Attorney

Leveraging her background as a tax attorney and an experienced wealth strategist, best-selling author Rebecca Walser is uniquely qualified to assess, structure and implement the best income maximization, wealth maximization, tax mitigation/minimization and optimal legacy strategies for her clients. Now, she has expanded the reach of her unique message with the release of her first book, WEALTH UNBROKEN – Growing Wealth Uninterrupted By Market Crashes, Taxes, and Even Death, where she truly brings a wealth of understanding to the personal finance book space.

Rebecca earned her bachelor’s degree, summa cum laude, in finance, and her Juris Doctor degree, cum laude, from the University of Florida, and her advanced law degree in taxation from New York University. Prior to law, she worked for years in finance with Pricewaterhousecoopers LLP and the global networking division of IBM, acquired by AT&T. She continues to practice law in the areas of federal taxation, wealth preservation, trusts and legacy planning, business succession and estate planning, and asset management and protection.

Rebecca spearheads a national practice with clients across the country and enjoys working with high income professionals, business owners, retirees and pre-retirees, and high net worth families, to implement advanced financial planning and wealth management strategies that maximize income and legacy distribution while minimizing
taxes and managing risk. With over twenty years of financial and legal experience combined, Rebecca capitalizes on her distinctive skillset and years of knowledge to the best advantage of her clients.

Rebecca can be heard coast-to-coast on iHeart radio weekly and she has been featured in numerous media outlets nationwide including the Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, Fox Business, Bloomberg Business, CNBC, New York Post, New York Daily News, Yahoo Finance, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, FOX News, CW, Miami Herald, Boston Globe, LA Daily News, International Business Times, Investing Daily, and the Street Insider.

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