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Stephanie Thompson

Insurance Professional

For Thompson, it’s a story that has lived on, so much so that she shared it during the call for “Stories That Live On,” the MetLife Premier Client Group’s program that enables advisors to share stories of how their comprehensive approach benefits clients. “If there ever was a time I made a difference in someone’s life, this is the definitive story,” said Thompson. “The ‘promise’ that was delivered was so much more than an insurance claim payout; it was an all-encompassing approach that helped my client confidently face the future in the absence of her loved one.”

The story begins with Thompson “Delivering the Promise” to a woman who had suddenly and unexpectedly lost her husband of 25 years. Totally unprepared for her husband’s death, and unused to making the family’s financial decisions, the new widow needed more than a claim check. Thompson spend considerable time getting to know her new client beyond their financial needs.

Through the process, Thompson uncovered various protection policies and retirement plans that the husband had acquired through previous employers, benefits of which his wife was unaware. Thompson helped unlock their benefits, consolidating the woman’s retirement accounts and introducing her to the equities market through mutual funds and annuities. Through Thompson’s integrated financial planning approach, the client increased her own life insurance and purchased policies for her two teenage children. Through the initial discovery process, Thompson unearthed substantial credit card debt left by the client’s behalf. Ultimately, the full amount was forgiven and the client faced her future with a clean slate.

But Thompson’s work didn’t end there. Immersing herself in her client’s life, Thompson advised the client on decisions she previously had ceded to her husband, such as buying a car. Most important, Thompson gave her client confidence to face the future.

“Throughout these trying times, my client was able to keep her home, send a child to college, and aspire to someday open her own bakery, which she now knows can be achieved through financial planning.” Thompson shared. “Her financial freedom has not only had monetary benefits, it has also made the thought of part-time employment a possibility so she can spend more time with her family.” Thompson added, “The advice we give to others has a great impact that we do not always see. Preparing for the certainty of uncertainty is a reality that can and will aid families in the absence of a loved one. Careful financial planning can create stories and legacies that last for you and your clients.”

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