Tyler VanderGaast

Director of Valuations, Cornerstone Business ServicesTyler VanderGaast

As Director of Valuations for Cornerstone, Tyler focuses on business valuations, market trends, and value enhancement strategies for businesses in the Main Street and lower middle market. Working hand in hand with the Sell-Side advisory team at Cornerstone, she has expertise in assessing corporate risks, analyzing financial statements and cash flows, and financial modeling.

Before joining Cornerstone, Tyler spent several years at Great America Financial Services where she provided credit and financial analysis for customers all over the country. She worked with small businesses in a variety of industries, learning the factors that help them succeed or act as barriers in our current economy.

Tyler holds a degree in business and economics from Cornell College. She is a member of the Pulaski Community Band and volunteers with several Green Bay area organizations, including Junior Achievement, teaching kids about financial literacy and the economy.

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