How to Record your Podcast Intro

  • Find your voice memo (iPhones) or voice recording application.
  • Go into a quiet room with no background noise for best quality
  • Click the red record button
  • Clearly state your introduction. Use the script below, or feel free to ad lib your own.

Here’s the suggested script:

Hi this is [state your name, and company name and/or title and/or designations if you wish].

Welcome to my podcast. Please enjoy this episode of [Real Wealth® or NAIFA ClientCast]. If you would like more information on this topic, just call or email me. If you know a friend or family member who would benefit from the podcast, I’d encourage you to share it with them! Simply use the forward button, and send it along. Enjoy the show!

  • Click the same button to stop the recording.
  • Click the recorded files/memos button. (Might be an unlabeled small square button.)
  • Click the recording file that has your introduction in it.
  • Click “share,” and select “email.”
  • Email to

Our team will professionally edit your introduction for you, so don’t worry about making it perfect! We suggest saying your introduction more than once in the recording that you email to us so we have a few to work with.