Kayla Joosse

Brand Ambassador & Content Quality Manager

Kayla has her hands in many different processes at Real Wealth®, but you will see her most through her impeccable design skills across our websites and marketing. While you may also talk to Kayla when you call our office with your questions, Kayla enjoys working behind the scenes, implementing and carrying out various projects.  She enjoys all of her projects and loves the atmosphere of her job, both with coworkers and clients. Kayla loves how Real Wealth® clients are friendly and fun and keep every call interesting.  She thoroughly enjoys the team player setting at Real Wealth® where everyone works alone in their own offices but come together at least once a day to collaborate on different projects and meetings. The balance between solo and group work has turned her coworkers into some of her best friends, making work seem more like play. With a Bachelor of Business Administration from Wisconsin Lutheran paired with her passion for education, Kayla’s goal at Real Wealth® is to help spread financial literacy and positively impact as many families and individuals as possible.

In her free time, Kayla loves to travel, read, spend time outside, and enjoy time with her friends.  She has volunteered at the Children’s Hospital and has taught in first through sixth grade classrooms, and she loves the creativity and joy it brought her.  Kayla’s life motto is “Sine metu vivere,” which is Latin for “to live without fear.”