Real Wealth® Weekly

The Family Money Talk

December 9, 2013

One of the most effective meetings you can have with your clients is a family meeting to discuss their retirement and estate planning with their…

Life Events that Generate Insurance Reviews

December 2, 2013

Real Wealth® welcomes back property and casualty expert Gretchen Evans to make your clients aware of events that call for an insurance review. Gretchen stresses…

Choosing Survivorship Benefits

November 25, 2013

Many people don’t like to think about what will happen if they or their spouse die. Our hosts, Jim and Tony explain the importance of…

5 C’s of Credit for Businesses

November 18, 2013

Credit specialist Chuck Harris joins Real Wealth® again to dive deeper into credit and its role in businesses. Chuck exposes the five things that banks…

7 Steps to Better Credit

November 11, 2013

This episode, Real Wealth® welcomes credit specialist Chuck Harris to discuss seven steps to improve credit. Your clients may not fully understand what their credit…

Long Term Care: One of the Greatest Risks We Face

November 4, 2013

This episode, Real Wealth® welcomes Jesse Slome, the executive director of the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance, in honor of November being Long…

Saving for College

October 28, 2013

America’s student loan debt is quickly approaching $1 trillion. Joining us is Roger Michaud, Chairman Emeritus of the College Savings Foundation, a leading nonprofit helping…

Special Needs Trusts

October 21, 2013

October is recognized as National Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Real Wealth® Weekly will be joined by special guest, Attorney John A. Stocking to discuss the…

Charitable Remainer Trusts

October 14, 2013

Many people feel that tax rates are remaining the same, but there are many areas where taxes have actually gone up, and sometimes quite substantially….

Financial Wellness

October 7, 2013

Many Americans today spend more years in retirement than they did working toward it. Joining us is Maura Albrecht, President of Financial Wellness for You,…

Financial Planning for People with Alzheimer’s

September 30, 2013

This episode Real Wealth® podcast continues the two part series to recognize World Alzheimer’s Month. This discussion focuses on the financial toll and consequences that Alzheimer’s disease…

Planning for the Unexpected-Early Detection of Alzheimer’s

September 23, 2013

In honor of World Alzheimer’s Month, “Planning for the Unexpected-Early Detection of Alzheimer’s” is the topic for this episode’s Real Wealth® podcast. According to the…