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The Do’s and Don’ts of Technology in Finance (Webinar Purchase)


In this presentation, IT Security Specialist, Brad Otto dives into how to protect yourself while online. After 20+ years in the IT world, Brad knows how people can get taken advantage of when using the Internet. In this presentation, you will learn how to protect yourself, your business, and your clients from scams and phishing attacks. In these days of spiking Internet usage, it’s more likely “when” rather than “if” when talking about getting hacked. Working in the financial world, we are all targets, but preparing yourself and taking precautions can make a world of difference when attacks do happen. Your clients might already be asking you what precautions you take when working on the Internet, but if a security breach were to happen, they will definitely be asking. You don’t want to miss Brad’s tips on how to defend yourself from online hackers.

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