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Leveraging PR to Grow Your Business (Webinar Purchase)


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Part one: Leverage PR to Grow Your Business

Key Takeaway: Learn how to utilize & manage an effective, no-cost public relations campaign.

In this new world where everybody is skeptical, do you know the story that will be told about you when your prospects and clients conduct their research? This fast-paced session will explore how to leverage your industry memberships and local publications to tell an effective story about you personally and professionally, as well as how to evaluate what your prospects & clients see and think about you.

Part two: Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefit

Be a hero to our heroes! This is a huge opportunity for you to help your clients and community members who are veterans. Brian will go through the criteria for eligibility as well as how to process a claim. Stay on the line for live Q&A to have Brian answer your specific questions personally!

Bonus: complimentary copy of the checklist Brian uses with his own clients when making a VA claim!