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Taking the Mystery out of Stalled Deals (Webinar Purchase)


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What You'll Learn

Taking the Mystery out of Stalled Deals: A Specialized Sales Performance Webinar

Have you ever presented perfectly sound advice to a prospective client and they just don’t take action? Have you ever made the perfect presentation to a client with a set of recommendations that you were convinced would create a better client outcome and again…they just don’t take action? Well you’re not alone! The fact is, more than 40% of perfectly sound selling opportunities are lost to stalled deals or client procrastination…this is more than lost to the competition! The impact? Stalled deals don’t help you grow your business they hold it back.

If… you are experiencing client procrastination, or have stalled deals in your pipeline… then you are suffering from the inefficiencies of an outdated or even broken sales process. Here’s a fact…there is a point in time when the probability of a selling opportunity is at its absolute highest. If you present too early or too late you will compromise a perfectly sound selling opportunity. Here’s the good news… stalled deals are completely predictable, more importantly they are avoidable too! In this webcast you will learn how a single adjustment to your sales process can have a greater impact on your income than any other possible adjustment inside your entire business.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways:

  1. How we unknowingly interfere with how buyers make decision
  2. Why client procrastination happens
  3. How to avoid stalled deals with one simple adjustment

Participants Will Learn:

  1. There is a point in time in every sales cycle where the probability of a successful engagement is at its absolute highest — learn how to identify and position for it
  2. How a single adjustment to your sales process can have a greater and more immediate impact on business growth than any other alternative activity
  3. Learn an easy to implement advice delivery system that creates urgency, avoids client procrastination and differentiates your firm even while the competition is touting similar offerings