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The Hidden Value of Life Insurance (Webinar Purchase)


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A scary statistic: 500,000 insurance policy that may qualify for a life settlement lapse annually! That is 500,000 reasons you should join this think-outside-the-box session on life settlements, a topic that has been taboo in the past, but that is no longer the case! Remember: LIFE INSURANCE IS AN ASSET. When a life insurance policy no longer fits a client’s needs due to reasons including divorce, sale of a business, no longer want to pay premiums, health changes, etc., most agents don’t go beyond option 1: let the policy lapse, or option 2: surrender it for the cash value. But your clients want to know about option 3! According to ISI Institute, 90% of seniors who let their policy lapse would have considered a life settlement had they known of the possibility. So come join this session and learn from Dan Zeplain, who will share how it’s done.

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