Success Guide

Save Time. Make Money.

STEP 1: Complete your enrollment with the Real Wealth® Team.

Contact us to check on your enrollment status.

STEP 2: Create your email list.

Gather email addresses of all your clients & prospects.

STEP 3: Send your first email.

Use our pre-written Announcement Letter to give a great first impression, which will help you position the program for success.

STEP 4: Announce each new episode to your email list.

Watch your email – we’ll let you know when there’s a new episode! In our email, we’ll include a pre-written promotion you can copy, paste, and email out to your list. We’ll even give you a great subject line to use!

STEP 5: Check your junk/spam filters regularly.

When clients use the forms on your webpage, an email notification will be sent to you with their message. To avoid missing any communications from clients, be sure to check your email filter regularly. Keep in mind: filters are updated all the time – just because you ‘whitelist’ someone once, does not mean they’ll never get sent to your junk folder again!

STEP 6: Attend our Power Session LIVE agent webinars.

Mark your calendar so you don’t miss it! We always host them on the second Friday of the month at 10:30am CT! With a Premier Membership, you’ll be able to log in to review any past sessions! Watch John Wheeler’s “Life Insurance as an Asset Class” for great sales ideas before you meet with a client! Better yet – forward the podcast to your clients to give them time to form questions before the appointment. It gives them time to form questions, and makes the meeting that much more impactful, since they’re not just hearing it from you.

Great work! Keep the ball rolling with tips from the next section.

Email your episode announcements consistently.

Research shows that Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings get the best open rates in our industry!

Promote each episode on your social media accounts.

Check the podcast library on our website for pre-written posts you can share on your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn accounts.

Constantly update clients’ email addresses and grow your list.

Remember to send an announcement letter to each new email contact to position the program with them! Check the Pro Tips tab for more ideas on how to grow your email list.

Link your Real Wealth® webpage to your existing business site, and vice versa.

Keep your existing site fresh with new content by adding Real Wealth® episodes to it! The simplest way is to add the Real Wealth® logo as a button to your website (download directions). More ideas on that under the Pro Tips tab.

Promote Real Wealth® on your Social Media accounts!

Here are some videos on setting up Social Media accounts, if you don’t have them already.

  1. Set up a Facebook Business Page
  2. Set up a LinkedIn Profile
  3. Set up a Twitter Account

Congrats – you’re almost a Pro!

Grow your email list.

  • Ever ask a client if their kids save as well as they have? You probably get an eye roll. Gather email addresses for their kids to keep them in tune with healthy financial decisions. That way, you’re making a meaningful connection with the kids so that when the wealth transfers, you’re the advisor they’re going to reach out to.
  • Ever host seminars or client events? At the end of the event, say “As a thank you for attending today, I’d like to provide you with Real Wealth® Weekly, a podcast that will keep you informed on different things you should be thinking about for your financial well being. There’s a sheet at the back of the room, just put down your name & email address and I’d be happy to get that out to you.” That way, you’re getting emails for your prospects & leads and will be able to drip market them with the podcast with no extra effort! Saves you a lot of time & energy vs. calling and calling and trying to get something scheduled. Let them reach out to you when the time is right. And when it is, they’ll have your email in their inbox with all of your contact info.
  • Don’t forget to send the Announcement Letter for each new client! 🙂

Update your email list.

Every time you meet with a client, use it as an opportunity to gather or update their email address. Ask them.. have you been listening to the podcast? Remind them of the importance of the information, and urge them to share it with their friends and family (aka: get referrals).

Get your team involved! Have your assistant gather/update email addresses when setting appointments.

Put yourself out there.

Get in local papers, e-newsletters, Chamber of Commerce events, turn yourself into a recognizable resource so the Real Wealth® program becomes a credible gift to consumers!

Take it from Real Wealth® Advisor Heather Lindsley, it is invaluable to share Real Wealth® with your community! She shares it in her local e-newsletter that highlights local businesses, sales, and events! Her local library reached out to her for 3 seminars (and counting!) on Social Security benefits for seniors and women’s financial issues. Imagine how many new people she was able to meet and help retire!

Have a strong relationship with a CPA, attorney, bank, church? Centers of influence are great places to have distribute the program. Make sure to emphasize the invaluable education it provides (not company- or product-specific… not sales-y in the least) and give their client base access as a value-add. Great way to solidify those relationships and refer each other clients.

Use Real Wealth® internally.

Have your staff listen to the podcasts! It helps them understand the importance of what we do for our clients. Plus, the more they understand, the more effective they’ll be as your support team. It’s also great for you and other agents to listen to the program to get fresh ideas on how to position different products with clients.

Consider using a full-blown email marketing system.

Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Infusionsoft.. the list goes on of email marketing programs that you can use to get even better results. The benefits of using a program like one of these is that you can design professional-looking emails, track which clients are interested in which topics, segment your lists based on interests, and schedule your emails for them to be sent at a consistent time (email marketing best practices – consistency) vs. when you get a chance to sit down and distribute. Some systems also integrate with social media, where you can schedule social media posts! Get all your marketing done for the week in one sitting.

Integrate Real Wealth® into your existing website.

Take it a step further than just linking your site to Real Wealth®. Have a Services Offered page? Add an episode about Life Insurance that will educate people about their needs and motivate them to take action of this valuable asset! Feeling techy? Add a podcast player to your website to stream episodes! Have a favorite show, or a service you want to offer? Put it on the front page! Do a ‘Best Of’ section to highlight the topics you care most about. For more ideas or a free consultation, contact us!