tom hegna

Tom Hegna

Retirement Expert, Economist, Best Selling Author, Public TV host and International Speaker

Title: The Psychonomics of Retirement… ReFIREment… ReWIREment

Dynamic duo Curtis Cloke and Tom Hegna will take a deep dive into why most retirees have been psychonomically programmed to fail in retirement. Conflicting messages from TV personalities and friends provide too many opinions rather than the facts based on math and science. Our clients have received a paycheck every pay period for their entire working careers. Mastering a process to educate and emotionally prepare retirees for this journey is every retirement professional’s highest calling. Helping retirees not just Retire from working years, but ReFIRE for a lifetime. Curtis & Tom discuss how to ReWIRE your client’s thinking to increase retirement success with a greater happy factor!

Key Takeaways:

  1. Six Steps to Retirement
  2. Magic Words
  3. How to look at things with a new lens
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