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Moving Clients from “Charitable Giving 101” to “Charitable Giving 401”

October, 2013

Joining us this month is Alan Pratt, Leader in Advanced Life Insurance Designs and Chief Ambassador of The International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy (AIP)….

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Five Major Tax Breaks for Business Owners

September, 2013

Learn how to turn your income tax into tax income with these tax breaks for business owners! There are so many opportunities to reduce or save…

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How to Help your Clients THRIVE in Retirement by Using a “Divide and Conquer Strategy”

August, 2013

Retirement challenges facing Baby Boomers today have never been more complex and frightening; extreme market volatility, national and consumer debt crisis, inflation on the horizon,…

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Affordable Care Act: What Employers Need to Know

July, 2013

Whether people are buying group insurance through work or getting individual coverage, the Affordable Care Act will affect everyone. As the Affordable Care Act constantly changes, people…

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Child Identity Theft: What Your Clients Need to Know

June, 2013

Child identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in our country, with the number of under-age victims estimated to be as high as 500,000…

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Protect Your Clients’ Futures with Disability Insurance

May, 2013

May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month. What would happen if your clients no longer had the means to pay their mortgage, health insurance premiums or…

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