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This month’s Power Session LIVE webinar will feature Charles Hollander, Jr., Founder and Creator of The Red Flag Advantage. Twenty-five years ago Chuck entered the competitive field of selling life insurance solutions to affluent families and successful business owners. During his career he has competed and won against almost every type of provider of financial services. He has reached pinnacles of production, industry leadership and now industry research and consulting.

Success in business comes down to two factors; being different and being repeatable. This Power Session LIVE™ presentation has been designed to help you be different.

Why be different? The most damaging trend advisors face in today’s rapidly changing environment is the lack of differentiation.

Your Challenge. When a business blends in and lacks differentiation – selling activities become harder to execute.

The lack of differentiation doesn’t make building an advisory practice easier – it makes it more difficult. That is why differentiation matters!

Your Opportunity. The best way to accelerate growth and escape The Substitutability Trap – stop competing with client offerings that lack differentiation and start unlocking authentic customer value in ways that others are not.

This presentation is designed specifically to help reverse the trend of substitutability.

  • Learn how to begin having differentiated client conversations
  • Learn how to set new rules of engagement where the competition is irrelevant and new sales conversations inspire prospects to take action.