The Hidden Source of Revenue You’re Missing

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The Hidden Source of Revenue You’re Missing

The Secret is Knowing Where to Look!
The age-old problem of getting clients to take action has become an epidemic. In fact, it is the single biggest roadblock to advisor growth. This webinar will show you that your stalled deals can actually be a new source of added revenue and Chuck will reveal how you can harvest them immediately!

Key takeaways:

  • The 2 reasons why stalled deals happen & how to avoid them.
  • The 3 Fundamental Truths behind every client’s decision to buy & how to leverage them to create urgency, avoid client procrastination, & win more clients.
  • There is a single point in time in every sale where the probability of a successful engagement is at its absolute highest – learn how to spot it and quickly position for it.

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“OUTCOMES. Remember not to focus on solutions, focus on outcomes.” -Dan Altmire

“Never skip quadrants! Go through quadrant 1 and 2 before you ever get to 3! Never jump quadrants! Present solutions to the problem and overcome roadblocks, before you ever present options and product information. Be more aware with each client of where you are in the process and make sure they want to fix the problem! Again, Great Stuff! Keep up the great work!” -Joe Anthes

“See when the client becomes aware of his problem before you attempt to fix it. Focus on reviewing with client his problem before you show solutions. Great programs- Keep doing what you are doing.” -Joseph Aragona

“Don’t start w/ solution when trying to cement a new relationship. Avoid providing solutions too early in process.” -Michael Becht

“Find out what is on the client’s mind with questions! Ask more questions!” -Doug Bird

“Understanding that the client has to know there is a problem and want to fix it. Slow down.” -Steven Block

“Process matters. What are the offers for today?” -Kerry Bouchard

“Not to present idea before we have identified the problem/goal or before we get commitment they want to solve the problem. Ask more questions to achieve above.” -Bill Brantley

“Don’t put your cape on too soon. Study his material and be more mindful of where I am in the quadrants. Hearing from you by both email and text is very useful. Thanks!” -Ron Bridges

“You need to work on Quadrant 2 before providing solutions. Work on Quadrant 2 so clients understand the reason they are receiving advice.” -ROBERTO CORRAL

“The sales compass is fantastic. Stop skipping from Q1 to Q3. Ask more questions! Go back to some of those stalled cases and ask why? Great job Chuck, Jim and Angela! This month’s event was awesome and got me motivated to go back after those stalled cases.” -Richard Coffin

“Don’t jump the gun with solutions. Be sure I understand the real problem. Prepare questions. Thanks so much!!!” -Barbara Cottrell

“I took advantage of the Red Flag Offers.” -Stephen Fisher

“How to identify re-engage stalled cases Change my process to make sure I identify the risk of doing nothing.” -Steve Helling

“I like the emphasis he has on the problem solving phases.” -R Allan Jensen

“Process is key. Look at, follow the process, and ask the key questions per quadrant b.” -Dennis Jones

“Be aware of how I lead the conversation & questions. Focus on the problem & make it significant to solve.” -Brian Keane

“How to do a much better presentation helping the client to see the solution to their problem. Get them involved. Put myself in their shoes looking at things from a different perspective. The story of the business owner who wanted to be able to have his daughter continue his business when he no longer is able to or passes on because that’s something she had dreamed of her entire life was so awesome and hit home to me. Keep up the great work! Your speakers are excellent!” -Randy Kimm

“Very thoughtful.” -Michael Kirsh

“Providing why my firm is the best to handle a family financial goal. Keep learning and know my market.” -Tanesha Lawrence

“It is really simple. Review our methods. Keep it up.” -Charlie Matejowsky

“The importance of asking the questions that require honest thought and answers. Continue to ask thought provoking questions and act as a true fiduciary.” -Larry Matson


“Becoming aware of skipping the most important part of the process. Getting permission to solve a problem that the client wants to solve.” -Gina Mills

“Compass. Update process.” -David Oldenburg

“Find out what my hidden talents are to be more successful.” -Javier Perez

“The Red Flag Compass. First practice and then use the compass.” -Bill Popko

“The proper quadrants. Use the questions more.” -Robert Priganc

“Reaffirms my appointment interview process. Picked up a few gold nuggets. Thank you and happy healthy new year!” -Jeff Reilly

“Revisiting Stalled/Failed cases. Use Chuck’s Compass approach which I have been doing on my own over the last 2yrs which is beginning to pay off. Excellent and brilliantly presented. 2hrs well spent.” -Roger Relfe

“Follow the compass. Stay focused, practice, and internalize. My associate shared this with me a year or so ago but we never practiced and honed it. I would like to know more options of working with Chuck.” -Timothy Ryan

“Reminded me that finding the “pain” comes first. Don’t present solutions too early.” -Rich Slavin

“Solving a problem with the client. If the client doesn’t see they have a problem and want to get through the roadblock then no use presenting a solution. Do a better job of determining what the client wants and spend more time disturbing before the solution is presented. Keep doing what you are doing. Thanks!” -Joe Swiderski


“The statement, “What will the cost be to your family if you don’t do this?” Make sure I am asking the questions above.” -Geoffrey Wright

“Don’t overwhelm clients.” -Katherine Zacharias

“The compass. Focus on the pain/problem.” -Gail Van nest