Leveraging PR to Grow Your Business

Part one: 10:30am - 11:30am CT:

Leverage PR to Grow Your Business

Key Takeaway: You will learn how to utilize & manage an effective, no-cost public relations campaign.

In this new world where everybody is skeptical, do you know the story that will be told about you when your prospects and clients conduct their research? This fast-paced session will explore how to leverage your industry memberships and local publications to tell an effective story about you personally and professionally, as well as how to evaluate what your prospects & clients see and think about you.


Part two: 11:30am - 12:00pm CT:

Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefit

Be a hero to our heroes! This is a huge opportunity for you to help your clients and community members who are veterans. Brian will go through the criteria for eligibility as well as how to process a claim. Stay on the line for live Q&A to have Brian answer your specific questions personally!

Bonus: all attendees will get a complimentary copy of the checklist Brian uses with his own clients when making a VA claim!

What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Focus on being exceptional.” -Frederick Saide

“Brian knows a lot about the VA. Impressive session.” -Ryan Carlson

“Best thing I learned was that there are more ways for me to be involved with my local American legion and VFW chapters to help those that have served before me. I am going to actively promote my services at VFW and American Legion meetings in order to help my fellow brothers in arms. Thank you Brian for being a champion for an aging group of heroes that I feel have still never been properly thanked for what they did for this country.” -Joshua Geeding

“VA Information. Continue to service the vets in my area.” -Philip McMullin

“Requirements of Aid and Attendance. Question clients about possible VA Benefits.” -Paula Palmer

“Promote yourself locally so your clients have more to share than your business card. Not assume everyone knows insurance industry jargon.” -Michael Long

“Make sure you know of your clients military background.” -David Norgord

“How to better market myself personally and professionally. Take a step back and analyze if clients or prospects truly understand your competitive advantages.” -Ian Thompson

“Good ideas for marketing. Advertise and invest in my business.” -Ken Beer

“Reminder to pick a strategy and stick with it.” -Craig Adamson

“Consistency is critical to let people know who you are and how you can help them. Make sure my name is in news releases.” -Douglas Bird

“Ask if my clients are a veteran! Become more informed about Veteran benefits, and look for veterans who need help.” -Bj Cottrell

“Our veterans need help and we can help them.” -Charles Zloch

“The key to success is to compete at a level the competition doesn’t know exists. Restructure my message to show the benefit and value of my company.” -Dan Tripp

“Consider consulting with a PR professional.” -Scott Astrosky

“More info on Vet Benefits. Work more on wording.” -Steven Heath

“Great introduction to VA benefits.” -Angie Grimm

“Get a PR plan going, that’s for sure! Thanks for the great ideas.” -Bill Cummings

“Different techniques and approaches to marketing my business. Utilize some of these techniques that fit my practice.” -Tim Ryan

“There may be a whole new client base for me to work with. I am going to find an accredited agent to work with to serve or local veterans.” -George Beutter

“New knowledge of veteran’s benefits and how they are processed. I’ll look for someone with expertise to refer my clients to… with enough awareness of how it works.” -Elisha Aharon

“Tips on Marketing and PR. Tell my story and be consistent in Marketing and PR. Good information in today’s session.” -Robert Lien

“Several ideas on PR awareness. Use the Real Wealth email system, instead of just paying for it.” -Tim Mayer

“Very much like the idea of doing things in the community to advertise our business. Contact a few of the organizations mentioned to initiate a conversation how we can help.” -Gary Wood

“How to assist veterans in obtaining their benefits. Now I know what I can do to help veterans, so instead of referring them to someone else, I can assist them myself.” -Yazmin Tome

“Ways to implement PR.” -Consuelo Avila

“The asset we can be to the vet community. Look more into that market.” -Bekki Harper

“Great ideas regarding rephrasing your message! I will rephrase some of my language and story telling.” -Beth Hoffman

“Partnering with VSO.” -Sean Kelly

“PR commitment is key. Budget and plan a PR action strategy.” -Timothy Smith

“Learn about Real Wealth Marketing. Devote time to brainstorming PR in 2018.” -Larry Jacobson

“Distance yourself and your practice from the competition. Focus on the WHY I do what I do. Have that story and share it. I really enjoyed the personal aspect about the Power Sessions. It’s just got a warmer feel than the typical webinar trainings we all hear. Keep the format the same… It works!!” -Curt Gibbs

“Get assistance with vets. Talk to vets. I learn something every time I am able to attend these sessions, thank you.” -Joseph Guess

“That we need to adjust our thinking on PR.” -John Davis

“The mantra: “I have to compete at a level the competition does not know exists. Great information on Accredited Claims Agent. I started researching for use in my practice. Pay attention to PR and like a pilot create a checklist to add one PR activity to my list per day.” -Rhonda Lancaster

“Marketing ideas and understanding of the VA program. I will review my marketing.” -Gail Van Nest

“I did not know about the VA benefits. I am going to learn more about them.” -Roberto Corral

“Tell your story. Implement PR strategy.” -Valkyrie Lang

“VA benefits. Spend wisely on self promotion.” -Thom Trimble

“Need clarity for public to understand what I do. Tell more stories and make it more public.” -Mel Budreau

“Veterans info. Be sure my clients who are veterans know what may be available to them.” -Susan McWright

“It is a very deep subject Veteran’s Benefits. Also, be consistent in your advertising. Refer the Veteran to a specialist.” -James Goodacre

“What am I telling the public about me? Update message, change wording. Manage your public relations. Compete at a level that competition does know exist! Change the wording. Be specific with a purpose behind message. Providing a service to the community without a sale pitch. Created the opportunity to think about how people see me.” -Thomas Moore

“About various ideas related to PR. Be more aware of PR opportunities and how to do it right.” -Joe Swiderski

“Importance of using community newspaper ads. Will contact newspapers in my community to see about an ad. Great information each month! Thank you for putting it together.” -Steve Hennessy

“He has a lot of credentials which make it easy to do PR. Great, engaging presentation!” -Petula Moy

“Another great way to be of value to my clients. It’s even better that it’s for veterans. Develop a relationship with the VA through Brian’s contacts. Don’t cut yourselves short. You all at Power Session are on the cutting edge!” -Ed Bond

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