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Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from two of the most successful advisors in the industry, Rao Garuda and Eszylfie Taylor.

What they have in common:

  • Repeat MDRT Top of the Table Advisors
  • Prospect with HNWIs
  • Get referred by their clients on the regular
  • Passionate about helping other advisors succeed

What sets them apart:

  • Rao is a seasoned advisor with 35 years’ experience
  • Eszylfie is a Top 4 Under 40 Advisors Award-Winner

Come and learn from both of these extremely successful advisors and their perspectives on prospecting. You’ll learn some seriously energizing and amazing ideas, whether you’re fresh in the industry, or you’ve been in the business since before sliced bread!

Stay tuned at the end of the hour for another update on the DoL Rules and how you can take advantage of the situation to grow your business.

What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Keep giving, and it will come back to you!!! Wealth replacement trust and tax avoidance trust. Every day, ask 3 people what you can do to help them!!! ‘Make your process simple’ – this was an eye opener for me & quite informative in such a short session!” – Patricia Parker

“Help 3 People a Day. Spend 70 to 80 percent of my time in front of clients.” – Ryan Allen

“Ask, don’t tell. Increase activity.” – Bill Popko

“Have a “PROCESS” that feeds into and supports your efforts in your particular sales/marketing niche, and repeat it and scale-it !! Review Taylor’s website and info & Consider using the information presented by Rao Garuda. You have excellent business-building programs !! … THANK YOU !!” – Franklin “SKIP” Walter II

“11 Powerful Questions and that I need to practice my talk. Apply some of the practices that were talked about today.” – John Russo

“KISS. 3 a day one on one. Plus DOL update and LACP, etc. Helps with everything I do, particularly in the college planning/retirement area specifically. Trying to keep all the PTE 84-24 requirements, particularly promissory language, straight as a L&H only! Financial Professional not Financial Advisor. My only competition, “Disability, Illness, Death and living too long.” Let’s meet before any of those things happen!” – Roger I. Relfe, ChFC

“Very great information. Both presenters were really good. Learn form others. Listen to it again to catch everything. Keep doing what you are doing, it is great.” – John Davis

“Key questions to ask prospects & clients. Ask more questions to engage prospects & clients, prospect more confidently. Great information, looking forward to the next webinar.” – Juan Carlos Solis

“The three questions from the Taylor Method on life insurance. Use those three questions.” – Thomas Perkinson

“Strong questions to disturb the customer. Practice these new questions and concepts. Study!” – James Tribble

“The American Tax Planning Institute, Charitable Planning, The Taylor Method. Create my own process and stick to it to be able to master it. Please continue to invite these top advisors to come on these webinars. Info was very valuable.” – Homero Solorio

“It was all very informative. Rao’s 17 seconds to get the 3 minutes to earn 30 minutes of time. Keeping it simple. I am a student of the business and have been since 1993. I do tend to stay in my box and it is good to hear perspectives of other advisors.” – Brian Boedicker

“Biggest expense? Taxes… Perfect products don’t exist, but perfect plans do.” Get better at asking questions.” – Anna Hartwell

“11 most powerful questions. Focus on language.” – Scott Warshaw

“Not to take all of the tools out of my tool chest; just use what I need for that situation. Ask the powerful questions. I’d like a copy of the book/brochure. How do I get that? Great presentations! Went really fast; would help to have it available to listen to later.” – Catherine Grambow

“Regarding the LACP certification and NAIFA CEO to meet with SEC chairman. Try to obtain the LACP certification and be grandfathered in.” – Lewis Penfield

“Ask questions. Study again. Taking IRA distributions above RMDs. Great job!” – Steven Daniel

“Keep it simple and ask more questions. Does your marketing program have content that we could use that would be compliant?” – Bob Mance

“The Question ‘What is it you were hoping I could do for you today?’ & ‘there are no perfect products, so let’s just work on a better plan!’ I love this b/c Perfect does not exist until we get home! Have a Goal each week to make cold calls and new calls each week. THEIRS ( The I.R.S. was Strong as King Kong!).” Henry McFadden

“Giving is getting.” – Jake Mellor

“17 Seconds – 3 Minutes – 30 Minutes. Stress the importance of coverting to Roth IRAs.” – Todd Keith

“Rao was excellent.” – Mark Rogers

“Using effective questions about reducing taxes when prospecting. Using those questions within 1st minutes of meeting a prospect.” – Armando Mastrapa

“17 seconds. Help 3 people per day.” – Darren Godfrey

“Eszylfie’s questions were excellent. Ask more questions and hopefully solve more problems!” – Edward Stuehm

“Three important numbers. Keep it short.” – Robert Stevens

“Language from both presenters. Mix with more successful prospects so that I work smarter.” – Glenn Newlin

“Both presenters are great. The plain language questions Ezsylfie uses in getting to the point with his prospects are powerful. I plan to implement these questions daily. Keep it up! love these sessions!” – Jamey Pesek

“Need to become very knowledgeable about taxes meet with CPAs more often.” – Jeffrey Evans

“Keep it simple! Move more to life insurance.” – Keith Barron

“Need to develop a sales process.” – Renee Belanger

“Making complex tax planning for high net worth individuals simple and easy to explain to them. Spend more time giving than getting. Helping business owners build their businesses and connecting them with others in my network. While the sales strategies and ideas were fantastic, I was hoping for more info on how to prospect and get these high net worth individuals/business owners in the door.” – Harley Moore

“Look at Rau Garuda’s website, and 11 Powerful Questions. Implement Eszylfie Taylor’s idea about keeping it simple and just Increase Productivity, Case size and Case Rate. Look into Certification Designation LACP.” – Joseph Villa

“I enrolled in Advisor Solutions through NAIFA Benefit and today’s presentation reinforced what we are reviewing in the Advisor Solutions. Questions are the key to this business!!!!! Ask and practice more questioning. I think the ClientCast program nailed it! While we are just getting started, it is actually something that I was looking for previous to signing up and Jade is excellent at following up and being more than accommodating with this program.” – George Barzizza

“Talk taxes. See more prospects. The programs just keep getting better.” – Joseph Guess

“17 seconds to get their attention. Be more prepared when contacting prospects.” – James Space

“Refresher on things we know. Continue to simplify and notch it up on activity with questions.” – Doug McMurry

“Prospecting. Answer questions with more questions.” – Rene Perez

“Fundamentals we all know but need to hear from the best of them. Simplify of questions I use.” – Edward Lozano

“17, 3, 30 Add greater emphasis on community involvement and networking with like minded people. Great presentations! I found the pace about right and effective in covering significant material. Kevin’s wrap was valuable. Thanks.” – Simon Bloomfield

“Reminders of things I have forgotten. “What’s your biggest expense?” Emotionally engaging client, don’t give speeches or too much information, use questions more. Get serious about what I am doing, plan, and execute.” – David Bearden

“I love Rao’s 11 questions and plan to put them into practice immediately. These guys changed my perspective of how I approach prospective clients. Great presenters!!” – Jeremy Dreesen

“Asking 3 simple questions to 3 people each day. Keep it simple and continuously practice and learn. Great presentations again!” – Ken Beer

“Eszylfie’s questions to ask everyone! Use Rao’s 17 3 30. Keep offering great presenters with something worthwhile to share!” – David Eickmeyer

“Rao’s sales concept.” – Trent Speckman

“Practical, everyday, wheel-turning advice. Make more phone calls. These are excellent, helpful marketing presentations – applicable to everyone. Thank you. My NAIFA membership has never been more valuable.” – Albert Kirchner

“That I know enough to do more in helping people ask more questions. present less details.” – Scott Gons

“Questions to ask prospects.” – Dennis Jones

“IRA Material & Prospecting. Think bigger.” – Gerald Wiebers

“Great ideas and language from Rao and Eszylfie. Ask more questions. Keep it simple.” – Tim Kiesling

“Rau’s 11 key tips. Thanks to Mr. Taylor, work HARDER.” – Celeste Garrett

“Reinforced my belief on consultative presentations to best serve the customers needs. Seek higher income prospects. Thanks for the up-date on the D.O.L. and support to the agents, now how can I make more non NAIFA members aware of this type of benefit? I am sure it would stimulate new membership. Thanks.” – Michael Cales

“Keep it SIMPLE. Talk to 3 people everyday.” – Hung Waang

“How to use CRTx and CLT’s to do a roth conversion. I need to learn more, but it is a great strategy Start listening to the recorded power sessions to learn more.” – James Spiers

“Simplicity and consistency in sales approach. Ask questions. Appreciate the updates about DOL status and political environment.” – Dave Holdinghausen

“It’s good to be reminded about narrowing your approach and staying focused on uncovering prospective clients’ needs. Continuing progress toward making constructive changes to be more effective in my practice. Expect to develop a better understanding of more tax planning opportunities and how to incorporate that more into my practice.” – Frank Brill

“Ask questions, see more people, ask more questions. Excellent speakers today.” – Alfred Current

“Listen! Keep my mouth shut… my wife has always told me to do!” – William Small

“Reinforced being prepared through education. Ramp up my education.” – Milton Flanagan

“Work better.” – Rick McKernan

“Keep it simple for high net worth clients. They don’t have the time or attention span to go deep with you, especially when you first meet them. Build systems to communicate with HNW prospects, execute the systems, adjust accordingly. I thought today’s call was insightful and clear.” – David Fisher

“The Taylor Method. Galvanize a sales process. This is the first NAIFA webinar I’ve done (in 8 years I’m ashamed to say) and it was great. Thank you for the opportunity.” – Anthony Zaleski

“Implement process.” – Jaime Resendez

“It’s harder to make $50,000 than it is $1,000,000. Brilliant! Train with lions.” – Andrew Powers

“Line of questions, talking processes from advisers, implement ideas.” – Mark Kokosko

“Simplicity. Questions/verbiage are most important. Work. Simplify. Practice my questions/verbiage. Keep my work ethic like it is, and not be fooled by others in the business who do not show up every day.” – Gina Mills

“Ask a lot of right questions. Possibly do joint work. I like hearing ideas from successful MDRT members.” – Ralph Story

“Just keep giving and asking questions! Find those three people today to ask them 3 questions. Keep these top programs coming and thank you!” – Doug Bird

“Multiple things were all very good. Great Job!!!!” – Javier Bravo

“Need to get smarter on what Rao talked about in transferring wealth. Ask lots more questions.” – Bob Hill

“The 3 numbers and tax savings strategies. Get more focused on consistent daily activity – balance my sales activities with cases of all sizes not just the elephant cases. Two thumbs up, all three segments were good.” – Coby Harper

“Learned a few good questions to ask to gather interest. Ask more questions.” – Maria Zakutny

“17-3-30. You guys are great- I spend all my time in property casualty, buried in detail, complexity, paperwork and survival. Your presentations are a breath of fresh air!!!” – Randy Mader

“Gave me Friday motivation! Always great to hear from people who do very well in our industry.” – Jason Craciun

“Asking the right questions, and 3 times a day call people to ask how can you help them.” – Delia Collins