The BIGGEST Risk with Rao Garuda

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If risk didn’t exist, neither would advisors! 25+ year MDRT member Rao Garuda prospects & MAINTAINS business exclusively with billionaires using easily transferrable ideas. Rao’s question mastery and idea simplification make this a must-watch regardless of client base. Rao knows the greatest detriment to retirement is RISK, and by manipulating & minimizing risk, you can give your clients the most robust retirement possible.  Join Rao to learn 18 retirement risks to take your clients’ to the next level!

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“1) the 2 baby boomer dates (plus gen Xers) and the “problem” that creates 2) 3 graphs: history of US taxes rates, debt/taxes, US debt clock. Talk about #3 material!! I miss some of these webinars. Everytime I show up, I know I should NEVER miss again!!” -David Barr

“The 15 seconds of answering the question of “what do you do?” Also, the response to “low rates” by asking the question…”compared to what?”. More focus around Whole Life and reading more BOOKS! Great session!” -Benny Bray

“That the combination of Roth IRA, Charitable Trust & Family Values Trust can do wonders for wealth preservation and distribution. Make a list of clients that some of the information pertains to and engage them in a discussion with lots of questions. You are much appreciated. Thank you for doing what you do.” -Michael Baer

“Questions! Ask more questions.” -David Bearden

“Wow, very strong material today, but I will need to research and study the multitude of topics. If you are able to share slides from today, it would be very helpful. Thanks!” -James Tribble

“Top tax rates, historically… Paint a better picture RE big macro tax changes are looming on the horizon.” -John Chandler

“Where the real value of an advisor lies. It’s not about market or portfolio performance. Be more confident in confronting clients/prospects who choose to do nothing (i.e. “the cost of doing nothing”. Next step is putting team to implement. i.e. attorney (CRTs …), CPA -tax exposure (Roth conversions, charitable deductions).” – Anonymous

“The cost of doing nothing is greater than the cost of doing something. Ask more questions, talk less, help people free up money they’re afraid to spend and help them discover where to whom they want to leave their money. Great session.” -Rich Slavin

“Ask questions. Take longevity risk off the table. Annuities will give you a paycheck and playcheck for life. Stress tax law changes coming up. Roth Conversion calculations.” -Judith Shonnard

“That another vehicle called a Full Income Fund under section 642 of the Revenue Code exists! Explore using in-service distributions on age 59 1/2+ to purchase Whole Life insurance. Very good session today. Such a pleasure to hear first hand sales ideas and techniques from many industry GIANTS!!”

“Importance of asking great questions, not being afraid to ask a client to see the plan that their CPA has put together.

And the significance a Roth conversion can play in a lifetime pls. See if their are charitable opportunities, and Roth conversion opportunities!” -Mark Kinney

“Roth Conversion. Share concept with clients and focus on process not product. One of the best webinars heard in years.” -Kuotien Chen

“More questions. More questions. Answer question with question. Stay on time.” -Edward Sanders

“Ask the questions was said again. Ask more questions.” -Tony Woelfel

“3 bucket approach. Start asking more questions. Rao was tremendous.” -Randy Ems

“Need to work like a Dr. & Diagnose the problem! Revisit Hegna Paycheck, playchecks book & buy Power of Zero. Research if I can Convert ‘Simple IRA’ to ROTH. I would like to see the slides from the presentation!?” -Kathy Scott

“Using a Charitable trust to offset the tax on transfers from an IRA to a Roth. Discussing # 3 with some clients. Rao said he would provide us with the information he used in today’s presentation? Thank you.” -Joseph Aragona

“Excellent sales ideas. Think bigger.” -Ron Bridges

“If you want better results, ask better questions!. Ask more and better questions!” -Drew Powers

“THE BEST QUESTIONS TO ASK CLIENTS AND PROSPECTS, FROM RAU GARUDA AND THE BEST OF HIS OWN TRUSTED PROFESSIONALS! REACH OUT TO MORE OF MY SOLID CLIENTS, AND NEW PROSPECTS, WHO WOULD BE INTERESTED IN ANSWERING THESE QUESTIONS, RIGHT AWAY! I’m looking forward to receiving Rau Garuda’s printable resources he mentioned, and reading his book selections, some of which I have from Tom Hegna.” -Laurie Cameron

“Three buckets. Ask more questions.” -Yuan

“Ask Rao to do Joint Work w/ me. BTW, I called his Office & already left a VM to set-up a phone appt. & future Client meetings. Ask more QUESTIONS. Everything was great!”

“Too much to write down but really liked the Pooled Income Fund idea. Continue studying and learning and buy some of the books recommended by Rao. Best session!” -Roberto Corral

“Be more aggressive. Being more aggressive.” -Robert Rifkin

“Need to learn more on how to give $1 and get $2 in benefits back.” -Robert Mance

“Control and Ownership of your taxes.” -Zee Glavan

“Income tax savings. Contact wealthy clients.” -Dan McGivern

“Wealth transfer and generational tax savings. Prospect with wealthier clients.” -Dave Shuler

“Focus on the process NOT the product all of his questions were about product -how funny. Be more focused and with more conviction.”

“Great idea on the Charirtable Trust.” -James Van Ham

“Ask more questions.” -Nicolas Lenz

“Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice! Ask more questions. Would like to know more about special topic content for clients like for Life Insurance Awareness month, etc. Will this be a podcast focus for next month??” -Rose Sarko

“ASK QUESTIONS.” -Manuel Esparza

“That I might be missing the boat on roth conversions. Look into Roth conversions. I cannot believe I listen to this whole webinar…the longest one that I have ever done…got to get back to work so I can not leave any additional comments.” -Bill Abraham

“Reinforced ROTH conversioins NOW. Call for collaboration. Great call. Team is important and having trouble forming team. This call reinforced Collaboration!” -Elizabeth Pavin

“I wish I could watch it again as I had four or five client calls interrupt the presentation.” -August Hardee

“Simplify. Simplify.” -Glenn Tarter

“His 3 buckets. Incorporate some of his ideas and questions.” -Steven Block

“Idea flow. Ask more questions. I may be into in reinstating the RWM program if I can get the data base set up.” -Bert Hermelink

“Questions and tips. Modify my elevator speech.” -Christopher Sparks

“Rao makes it seem so easy. Great language and visuals. Simplify the conversation.” -Brian Keane

“The number of ways to maximize wealth. Bringing in someone like Rao to to assist in helping clients with a good amount of qualified money. Just keep doing what you folks are doing.” -David Norgord

“I’ll speak to Rao about the case Jim addressed with him in Q&A. Busy dealing with apps, uw and COVID issues again!. Working with an excellent McClatchy guy through our local newspaper to get internet mktg going better to circumvent the 8 sec attention span on the nt for most in relation to our College Planning Business. Finally, my question about the possibility of Congress taxing ROTHs not answered?” -Roger Relfe

“See the people-tell the story! Continue on! Good stuff”

“Charitable trust. Asking more question than talk about product.” -Shams Merchant

“I have 17 seconds to get someone’s attention. Sharpen my approach talk and elevator speech.” -Patrick Brough

“Taxes Taxes Taxes Planning. Ask a lot of questions.” -Barry Moore

“Slides. Questions, questions.” -Barry Boscoe

“Rao’s three buckets and how to use them with my clients. Continue to improve my skills in the retirement planning space.” -Coby Harper

“CRT for conversions. Ask questions.” -Gail Van Nest