The Tax Management Journey® with Dave Alison

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Taxes matter, and while not all money and investments are taxed the same, you can help your clients implement tax strategies that will help give them a more secure retirement. Join Dave Alison for The Tax Management Journey® to learn how to reduce your tax liability, and differentiate yourself while increasing revenue for your firm. By engineering your saving and investment strategy, you can help your clients not only reduce taxation today, but in the future as well.

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“I believe this is the hottest topic of today; how to present the problem and the solutions in a simplified way was outstanding. Simplify yet emphasize so that the prospect/client sees the problem and wants to take action. Best webinar of 2020 so far.” -Gina Mills

“Simplifying the complex and making obvious what most of us “knew” but didn’t realize that it was so important, ,e.g., “the widow’s penalty”. Simplify my presentations.” -Randall Reichenbach

“Confirmed what I thought about tax planning. Focus even more on tax planning. Thank you!!.” -Michael Kirsh

“Take income and pay tax now because the tax brackets will be going up in the future. Talk more about tax planning.” -James Goodacre RHU,REBC,LACP

“Widows Tax Penalty. Talk more about the tax issues. Super program.” -Larry Ricke

“We have a few years in which we can help people like never before! Review, review, review it until it becomes natural to talk through these concepts. Thanks for the boosts you give NAIFA in every broadcast!” -Elie Aharon

“Buying emotion best triggered by pain in the present-TAXES. Change how I open my presentations.” -Paul Peele

“I still have confusion on how to figure the tax on a retired couple over 65, but it emphasized the importance of wrapping my arms around it. Ramp up my ROTH IRA conversion strategies. And cash value life insurance sales strategies. I will check into the Tax training session from Dave Alison.” -John Worrel

“Need to be more “tax-aware.”  Look at Dave’s training.” -Bert Hermelink

“I really liked Dave’s process of a tax journey. Discuss the tax journey, consider attending Dave’s full presentation.” -Mary Gruenberg

“Tax Planning with Dave’s methods vs Tax Prep. Already signed up. My Son is a CPA. All good. Great presentation today.” -Steven R. Gates

“Back to the 3 Buckets and taxation math. Same. Great discussion and prompts as usual. Thanks.” -Roger Relfe

“Making tax planning simple; keep it simple!!! Subscribe to Dave’s training. Thank you for ALL YOUR EFFORTS!!! Incredible and amazing.” -Larry Matson

“Widows tax. Great 2 words! Be more proactive in talking about tax planning. Great as usual. Keep them coming.” -David Parker

“Integrating taxation into retirement planning. I have been doing it, this simply reinforces my passion to do so. Incorporate some concepts learned today. This was a very relevant and important topic.” -Steve Helling

“How important it is to explain “the order of Money”! Need to speak with spouses or couples to realize the impact of the “Tale of 2 Retirements” and the “Widows Penalty”! Excellent speaker, content and presentation! Very enjoyable webinar presentation! Thank you for a great one! Thank you, again!” -Joe Anthes

“Different approach to explain to clients.” -Leon Avila

“Debt clock for resource. Very informative.” -Bruce Murphy

“Bucket System. Educate in more detail.” -Marc Shuster

“Simplify. Prepare an update to our selling approaches.” -Timothy Smith

“Widow’ penalty. Share the info on widow’s penalty.” -Lel Arandela

“Holistic Planning can be easy and lucrative with right tools and mentoring program. Attend the webinars/seminars to learn the program and all the tools, to be able to present successfully to the prospective clients. As always you always present great topics and top class practitioners.” -Gobind (Gary) Hemnani

“Do it now! Convert to Roth IRA. More tax planning. I’m already an E.A. so I always talk about taxes. Clients love when I suggest giving appreciated stock vs cashing out and deducting on schedule A.” -Judith Shonnard

“Pain more powerful than Pleasure in the future. Reviews for tax efficiency planning.” -John Zimmer

“Tax planning to separate myself from others.” -Tony Woelfel

“Tax management. Improve on tax management planning and sales concepts.” -Steven Block

“The idea to “win business through tax planning.”Review Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. Have a wonderful weekend!” -Robert Snyder

“Better Organizing a lot of the knowledge I already have. Spend more time discussing tax implications.” -Lynn Lavender

“This fits right in with the theme of my practice” -R Allen Jenson

“US debt clock proves taxes will go up. Excellent data for client meetings. Use #3.” -David Barr

“Taxes can be your single largest expense in retirement. FINRA statement. Use the history of debt to GNP more emphatically. Great programs.” -John Brooks

“Order of $. Organize my thoughts and discuss concept that all money is not taxed the same. Great presentation, very well organized and presented. Makes a lot of sense. THank you.” -Ellen Tillman

“Tax Planning for every Client – “Not All Money Is Taxed The Same.” Again, an outstanding Speaker & Presentation, who seems to really enjoy Giving Back to our community.” -Michael Garrity

“The “bucket” presentation. Create sample scenarios for retirement distributions. Great, high – quality presentations. Thanks.” -Steve Hennessy

“How to manage your Taxes! Learn more on how to help my clients!” -EUGENE CHOATE

“Widow Penalty. Request and Review Client’s Tax Returns for planning ahead to 2025. Keep up the great work!!.” -William Schweitzer

“Too much to mention. Talk more about tax planning.” -Joshua Sirek

“Tax traps in retirement. Use more of tax planning. Excellent Programs and speakers Thank you.” -Joseph Aragona

“Tax planning and how to legally save dollars that would go to the government. Use some of the one liners for presentations. Keep up the great work!.” -Joe Swiderski

“Key words and phrases – Talk more about taxes, and how to avoid paying them in retirement. Excellent program.” -Bill Brantley

“Tx journey approach. Tax diversification. ” -Gail Van Nest

“Reminder of importance of having high earning people look at the Roth and Insurance investments instead of continuing to fund their qualified plans. I am going to make a list of people that I need to reach out to and encourage them to reduce or eliminate what they are putting in their retirement plans. Changing my social media marketing to encourage people to think about how to have tax-free retirement income. Great sessions and love all of your marketing pieces!” -Robin Edgar

“Change the way I frame the problem.” -Tom Buchheit

“The importance of being a proactive tax manager. Tilt my business to focus on tax discussions so clients understand the importance and value of proper tax management.” -Brian Keane

“Single filers get screwed! I have already been on the holistic track of not just selling insurance but illuminating and fixing problems. I’m a defensive specialist. ” -Stan Fortier

“Everything! The pendulum changes each year. Simplify. Best session to date!” -Chuck Foster

“I need to work with more people to discuss possible Roth conversions.” -Tom Geraghty

“Tax Sensative Asset Allocation. Incorporate some of Dave’s Tax Concepts.” -Zee Glavan

“Standard deduction be here for a long time. Call a CPA to position for referals. Great presenter!” -Thomas W (Henry) McFadden

“Develop a better track to run on. Attend Dave’s training. I like Jim.” -Richard Lazarski

“Use visual charts.” -Robert Rifkin

“Reminded me to pay more attention to ROTH IRA money and the upcoming increase in income taxes. Thank you! Make some adjustments in ROTH IRAs. This was great! And, helpful to all no more what tax bracket.” -Beth Hoffman

“Power phrases. Encorporate them.” -Frederick Saide

“Way too many to list. Greater focus on the tax management strategies vs selling stuff.” -David Bearden

“I need to get better at Taxes!!” -David Henderson

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