Be a Hero to our Heroes: The Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefit

What You'll Learn

The reason we can be as successful as we are is because of our veterans. Here’s your chance to return the favor!

The rules for veterans benefits changed significantly on October 15th, 2018! Top of the Table Advisor Brian Byars is an accredited claims agent for the US Veterans Administration. Brian specializes in these benefits and has built a million dollar practice by helping his hometown veterans. Brian will discuss the changes and how to make sure your clients receive the benefits they so truly deserve.

Main takeaways:

  • Understand the changes to veteran’s benefits
  • Help your clients receive their entitled benefits despite the changes
  • Understand the criteria for eligibility and how to process a claim
  • How to be a hero to our nation’s heroes

BONUS! Receive the checklist MDRT Top of the Table Advisor Brian Byars uses with his own clients when making a VA Claim.

Stay on the line for live Q&A to have Brian personally answer your specific questions! He specializes in these benefits and has built a million dollar practice helping his clients take advantage of them. Brian is a Member of Forum 400, an elite organization comprised of leaders in production and innovation in financial services.

What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“There were changes made Oct 2018 that may help some Vets get additional benefits.”

“Use IRA money first when spending down. Ask the clients if they are Veterans as part of our normal interview process.” -Leticia Browning

“The details about Aid and Attendance.” -Janet Scudder

“Applying Tax free strategies. Apply the strategies.” -Joe Anthes

“VA benefits. Incorporate into practice.” -Jonathan Illig

“That it’s still viable. I got on late but it seems the firm can be a resource which is great.” -Chris Everett

“Opportunities. Approach topics.” -Gregg Webster

“Bring in a expert who does this planning. Refer these cases to someone. Keep up the good work.” -James Goodacre RHU,REBC,LACP

“The qualifications and dates related to eligibility. Plus some tips for building a military centered practice.”

“That there is a such thing as Aid & Attendance Benefits for Veterans? I will learn more about this benefit to inform my Veteran prospects.” -Robin Washington

“Learned that the benefit exists! Add more questions of my clients to our discussions.” -Doug Lovely

“How much help veterans need.” -Andrew Chymych

“It’s a very good overview of the planning process. New to this avenue entirely, so this is a good indication that I need to target this market.” -Peyton Wilson

“I can help Vets I am a Vet. Find out what I have to do to serve my brothers.” -Barry Phillips

“Free VA Benefits checklist availability. Make VA Benefits appointments. You are doing an exemplary job!”

“Looking forward to your symposium most of all. What is our time commitment (agenda) on May 1, 2019?” -Robert Snyder

“Some of the things that a qualified veteran will need to do to qualify for Aid and Attendance benefit. Revisit asset spend down strategies.” -Leroy Kawai

“Need to work with professional. Get a Series 65 for can charge fees.” -John Davis

“Communication ideas. Family meeting.” -Timothy Smith

“Very complex issues that need to be identified and discussed. Discuss this with all my clients to identify who is potentially part of this need.” -Kevin Hennessy

“The importance of learning about these VA benefits to help my clients. Ask more questions to determine eligibility.” -Tim Whisler

“Heard of this benefit but not familiar with it. This was a great overview. Download the slides and become proficient with.” -Paul Peele

“All of it was new, I have no experience w VA benefits. Start asking about military experience and including it in the conversation, I’ve already added it to my Discovery form.” -Lindy Venustus

“As a veteran in a community of high percentage veterans, I didn’t know 10% of what was presented. Awesome!. Be way more proactive about generational tax planning and providing resources for clients, especially veterans.” -Bill O’Donnell

“Ask questions to determine if they are missing benefits. Ask more questions about VA status.” -Scott Gons

“I had not heard much about the Aid and Attendance Benefits and Housing Benefits. I am a Viet Nam era Vet and this was a good education for me. Some of my client are getting to 50 and those qualifications would be important. Begin using the use of questions dealing with veterans benefits and especially for the later later years. We will be needed them as we are seeing more vat’s in need.” -James Sharpe

“How the benefits are determined and what is available; it is great information to have.” -Kristy Cavanaugh

“Spouse benefits and widow benefit. I met with a VA Rep in my State a few weeks ago and was informed of this benefit and many more. I have now added (is anybody a Veteran) in my review for clients.” -Dori Phillips

“Resources for additional benefits.” -Michelle Sweeney

“New to this. Lots to absorb. A bit like drinking from a firehose. Yes.” -Jim Webster

“Monthly benefits for the various situations”

“Asset and Income requirements for Vet Aid and Attendance benefits.” -William Tucker

“That there ARE consultants and advisors out there who really do know the ins and outs of veterans benefits and how to work through the numbers! Thank you! Be even more of an advocate for our veterans and disabled veterans than I was before!” -Rita Preston

“Additional benefit for Vets, I find that it is always beneficial to have information to help clients whether thru me or at least knowing about and able to direct them to pursue further. Thank you! These webs are much appreciated and very beneficial. Thank you.” -Deb Wagemann

“3 year lookback.” -Ken Smith

“The A&A benefit. Look for VA opps.” -Jeff Reilly

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