Real Wealth® Weekly

Ensure your insurability

Air date: Jul 22, 2024

Reasons why some people buy life insurance How life insurance may still be beneficial for young, single individuals Aspects you might not have considered when…

What is living death insurance?

July 15, 2024

Might you have a false sense of security? What the “living death” insurance is and if it’s important Steps that can help you avoid putting…

Everything to know about mortgages

July 8, 2024

Can your mortgage align with your lifestyle, and if so, how? There are so many types of mortgages out there… how do you know which…

Would you plan a vacation without knowing the destination?

July 1, 2024

The three P’s of retirement – and which is the most important Why retirement isn’t all about money Steps you can take to pursue a…

Optimism bias and why you should avoid it

June 24, 2024

Avoiding “optimism bias”! How Max’s mom needed disability insurance at an early age How certain disability insurances may protect you, your family, and your employees

Addictions do not discriminate

June 17, 2024

How financial professionals may help with your addictions How an addiction can quickly ruin your financial plans What you can do to help yourself or…

Investing in our youth

June 10, 2024

Our guest’s view on one of our nation’s biggest issues What tools you can access to teach your children about finances How you may help…

Is the plan enough?

June 3, 2024

The long-term care struggles in the US and how it’s affecting families Jim and Teepa’s personal family stories and what they went through What you…

Instant money

May 27, 2024

What the secret was for Ericka and her husband to get out of $100,000 of debt How you can re-write your money story How to…

Insights from a frontier

May 20, 2024

How Mark Hanna created a program that helps businesses track and provide benefits for their workers The opportunities he saw and seized, and how you…

We the people

May 13, 2024

There’s only one financial item guaranteed in the US Constitution… what is it? What’s David Walker’s view on the biggest deficit in Washington? Where we…

Retiring to the beach

May 6, 2024

Reasons people retire to other countries and why you may want to, too Things to consider or try out before you make the move How…