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Jim Silbernagel, CFP®, LUTCF is a nationally-recognized industry expert and speaker, concentrating on the main street advisor who wishes to differentiate his or herself from the crowd. Working out of Kewaskum, WI (population 4,000), Jim has learned and mastered unique planning strategies to reach and maintain Top of the Table level production since the year 2000. Hire Jim as a keynote speaker or trainer for your organization for $7,500, plus travel expenses (special pricing for NAIFA groups – contact us to learn more). Choose a topic below from Jim’s popular speaking series:

Jim Silbernagel
Jim Silbernagel

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How to Do Top of the Table Level Production and Maintain it Year After Year in Middle America

Out-of-the-Box Thinking: Charitable Planning Opportunities for the Middle Class***

In this course, Top of the Table member Jim Silbernagel will teach you easily transferrable strategies you can use with your middle class clients so you, too, can reach Top of the Table. You’ll learn how to combine charitable and family legacy goals with retirement income planning, business planning, estate planning, and tax reduction strategies to help your clients reach their goals. These techniques will demonstrate how working closely with attorneys and CPAs will differentiate you from the competition. See advisor feedback.

Out-of-the-Box Thinking: Annuities

In order to have a successful retirement plan, annuities must be considered. Top of the Table member Jim Silbernagel will show you how annuities can be strategically incorporated into retirement plans to work with other products in place to help your clients enjoy their Golden Years.

Learning the Middle American Mindset Will Change Your Marketing Approach

The American middle class is the salt of the earth. And there’s no one more down to earth than Top of the Table and Forum 400 producer Jim Silbernagel, CFP®. Jim’s marketing methodology is more than just client birthday cards, holiday greetings and annual meetings. Jim promotes and facilitates family meetings for generational planning. His staff stays current on his client’s personal lifestyle to deliver a great client experience. He even has a director of first impressions.

Out-of-the-Box Thinking: Life Insurance

Life Insurance isn’t just a death benefit anymore! There are living benefits and linked benefits that make it a more valuable asset than ever before. Yes – it’s an asset! Top of the Table member Jim Silbernagel’s in-depth presentation on out-of-the-box thinking on life insurance will open your eyes to opportunities in your existing client base, and teach you how to position the value with your clients in each scenario.

Double Your Sales While You Sleep

What are the two things that advisors are always looking for? Leads and sales ideas, of course! Top of the Table level producer Jim Silbernagel will show you how the Real Wealth® Marketing Program will propel your business to new levels of success.

Unlocking Opportunities by Gathering Information ***

Learn how to gather information you will need to help your clients prioritize what’s important to them. Identify the proper information to create insurance and investment sales opportunities.

Family Meetings and Review Meetings ***

Learn how to solidify your relationship with your clients while increasing referrals as well as the value of your business.

Secrets from the Top of the Table

Real Wealth® and Power Session LIVE host Jim Silbernagel lets you in on how he has reached and maintained Top of the Table level production since 2000, working with middle-class Americans out of Kewaskum, Wisconsin (Population: 4,000).

Discovering the Keys to Success in a Small Market

Working in a small market doesn’t small mean taking home a small paycheck. Jim Silbernagel, CFP® has proven you can have a large practice in a small demographic location. Jim is a Top of the Table and Forum 400 producer with very few affluent clients. His three keys to success are a comprehensive planning approach, with process centered system and unique marketing campaigns.

Middle America Money Management

Wealthy and affluent Americans generally have access to the brightest minds that money can buy when it comes to managing their finances. But America is predominately middle class and may be the most under-served market by financial advisers. Jim Silbernagel is a nationally-recognized Middle America financial expert, and he’ll let you in on how he reached and maintains Top of the Table level production year after year in a small town of 4,000 in rural Wisconsin.

The Importance and Opportunities of Basic Estate Planning ***

Learn how to collaborate with attorneys to create a trusting relationship with your clients, and the importance of your clients having various documents in place to keep their family in control of important healthcare and financial decisions. Also learn the benefits of avoiding probate, planning for Title 1, and the state tax considerations even with the high exemption amounts.

Why Estate Planning Below the Unified Credit is a Huge Market

Many advisers target the affluent market attempting to land a high net worth client and most without success. But Top of the Table and Forum 400 producer Jim Silbernagel, CFP® is a counter intuitive marketer. His practice is predicated on the law of large numbers with a process driven business model that targets Middle America.

Why Retirement Planning for Joe Lunch Bucket Brings Home the Bacon

The American middle class is the largest demographic and the most under-served market. However, Jim Silbernagel, CFP® Top of the Table and Forum 400 producer takes a unique approach to middle class America by focusing on cash flow in retirement. That strategy may be more important to a regular Joe or Joanne than any other retirement strategy.

How to Move Middle America to Tax Advantaged Strategies

Sometimes advisers can be myopic in their marketing approach, focusing on the rate of return at the expense of other product features. Drawing conclusions on a large population can be fraught with over generalizations, Middle American seems to trend conservative in their risk tolerance. A tactical planning option is to use a tax diversification strategy that protects middle class money from taxation.

***These 1-hour talks have been approved for C.E. in Wisconsin. Sponsor is responsible for submitting C.E. requirements for attendees.