Charitable Planning Opportunities for the Middle Class: A Deeper Dive (Bonus Session!)

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“Good to be aware of tax margins.” – Timothy Mayer

“Great comparison of different types of charitable trusts.” – Nasir Paroo

“I had forgotten many of the details.” – Darrell Westrby

“Awesome tax strategies.” – David Ayres

“Great strategies for business owners who will eventually sell.” – Terry Matzkin

“The strategy was matched to the type of prospect; whether they desire income, want a tax deduction, or have a low basis, appreciated asset.” – Richard Miller

“Simplified the process of charitable giving. Great to know I have a resource for when I’m ready to implement.” – Tom Michel

“Very good stuff.” – Steve Hyer

“Great CLAT material.” – Michael Goodrich

“Valuable CRT discussion.” – Joseph Campanelli

“Liked that there were several options were presented with each topic.” -James Boylan

“Presenters clarified concepts.” – Bruce Murphy

“Great to learn how to use a trust to avoid taxes.” – John Blazevich

“Great session on many tax advantages available for clients and advice on getting a person involved that has a working knowledge of CLTs and CRTs.” – Gary Lykken

“Valuable CLT info.” – Jim Franks

“The presentation on tax rates and capital gains taxation situations was helpful.” – Randall Reichenbach

“Great information.” – Tim Louzy

“Very informative webinar with new ideas for differentiating ourselves!” – Troy DeLair

“Valuable concepts particularly for the middle and upper middle market.” – Jeff Chernoff

“Glad I got an email invitation to this session. Great.” – Robert T MacDonald

“Valuable new opportunities.” – Grant Willes

“Made the material somewhat simple.” – Ralph S Adorno

“The specific guidance on the topics and the illustrations were great.” – Elroy Gibson

“The ideas of using the vehicles for average people were helpful.” – Brandon Green

“A new concept for me to present to my clients.” – Roger Clark

“New idea and strategy using the CLT.” -Michael Clouse

“Very applicable to all levels of clients.” – Dennis Kistner

“New way to look at charitable giving and Roth conversions.” -Linda Bauwens

“These ideas will benefit my clients.” – Marcella Evans

“Thanks. Learned many new concepts.” – Wayne Kollas

“Valuable concept.” – Mike Leitle

“Loved the Roth Conversion Opportunities.” – Jim Hatlestad

“Great Roth conversion ideas for Middle America.” – Kent Demars

“Great tax savings for clients and potential opportunities for the rep.” – Jason Jupiterwala

“The tax bracket charts and the diagrams of the different CRAT and CLTs were very helpful.” – Roy Heerema

“Love the donations/tax deduction opportunities.” – Jerry Brookhart

“Learned a lot about making charitable contributions deductible for non-itemizers thru charitable trusts. I also liked the roth converstion idea.” – Graham Wright

“Being able to assist client with charitable funding will allow one to have another tool in his belt that tell the client we are his best service.” – Ryan Greene

“Loved learning creative ways to best serve our clients that not only benefit them and their family but yet helps them to think about charities in the midst of it all too.” – Thomas Varner

“It really opened my eyes to the flexibility available to almost all taxpayers to “do good” and reduce taxes.” – Thomas Clark

“Loved the use of Roth IRAs as Exit strategies in Charitable Planning.” – Joe Anthes

“Exciting to learn about something of substance. I am 36 yrs in the LI business and wanting to do something that will really matter. I still need to make money and intend to work for a long time (20 yrs) but want to do something that really lasts. Thanks.” – Dave Barr

“The value of gifted assets, whether appreciate or depreciating, and the income tax benefit you get from placing them in a CRUT were all great to learn.” – James Sharpe

“Clear, concise verbal and written slides.” – Steve Kende

“Learned about older clients’ options that they didn’t know about.” – Goldie Rasmussen

“It was a great opportunity to see the big picture and the possibilities which charitable planning can create.” – Sarah Kerr

“It rekindled a desire to work in this area and brought me up to speed on tax law changes.” – Raymond Smith

“All of the information was useful, and the specific client stories helped to get a better understanding of the topic.” – Michael Garriity

“Great ideas on using CLTs.” – David Fullinwider

“Opened a whole new world of possibilities.” – Richard Morgan

“Great presenters with subject matter knowledge. The flowcharts and examples were very helpful.” – Shafiq Jadavji

“Loved learning about tax planning.” – Joe Swiderski

“This session was invaluable in helping me understand the income tax brackets and the various tax code changes that can impact my clients … Further, really being able to “walk-thru-the-weeds” gave me greater understanding and a “talking knowledge” of presenting the concepts to clients … Excellent webinar!!!” – Franklin “SKIP” Walter II

“Once again, I learned something new.” – Richard Lazarski

“Valuable to learn about the tax advantages of the trusts.” – Theresa Owens

“Great tax avoidance case studies with middle class prospects.” – Miguel Iniguez

Bonus session!

Top of the Table Advisor Jim Silbernagel, CFP®, LUTCF presents:

• How to Avoid Capital Gains Tax

• Large Life Insurance Sales Opportunities

• How to Create Assets for You to Manage

• Tax-Free Roth Conversion Strategies

• How to Create Tax Deductions for Your Clients

• How to Help Your Clients Make an Impact with their Favorite Charity

After Jim presented Out-of-the-Box Thinking: Charitable Planning Opportunities for the Middle Class in January, we got SO MUCH FEEDBACK from you asking for more! In this follow-up session, Jim will review the concepts and ideas of how it all works, and then will spend time walking through the math and case studies so you can come away with a complete understanding and start implementing these ideas straight away! Jim will be joined by Neil Narveson, CPA, so you’ll be able to ask specific questions in real time.