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Prospering in a Post-Covid World

November, 2021

JOIN THIS SESSION: For the first time in his 47 years in this business, MDRT Producer and Industry Legend Joe Jordan has noticed that people…

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How to turn headlines into sales

November, 2021

Van Mueller’s newest lemons-to-lemonade sales ideas. If there was a way to turn today’s headlines into a sale, when would you want to know about…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Technology in Finance

October, 2021

Description: In this presentation, IT Security Specialist, Brad Otto dives into how to protect yourself while online. After 20+ years in the IT world, Brad…

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The Hidden Value of Life Insurance

September, 2021

A scary statistic: 500,000 insurance policies that may qualify for a life settlement lapse annually! That is 500,000 reasons you should join this think-outside-the-box session…

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Your Biggest Competitor: The IRS

August, 2021

“There are two tax systems – one for informed and one for the uninformed. Both are legal.” – Judge Learned Hand. Don’t pay retail prices…

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Why they buy: Say the right things to the right people

July, 2021

JOIN THE 2 DAY BUYOLOGY WORKSHOP About this session: Have you ever been stumped after a great meeting with a client, who then blew you…

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