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Regulation Changes with The Presidential Panel

February, 2021

CHANGE PERPETUATES OUR BUSINESS. Regulation changes offer both challenges and opportunities. The DOL Rule put a lot of companies under immense pressure, but it was…

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Tools of Top Advisors

January, 2021

There are so many strategies, ideas, opportunities, softwares, processes, and technologies that advisors use to run their businesses… but which ones do the BEST advisors…

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Social Security: The Effects of the Pandemic

December, 2020

Social Security is a significant piece of a solid retirement income plan. Unfortunately, SSA reps are just order-takers – our clients can’t rely on them…

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People scared of getting sick? Consider them a prospect

November, 2020

Everywhere you look this year, COVID, Coronavirus, Pandemic – how many of your clients are fearful of getting sick? Join this session to learn how…

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The Secret to Taking [Long-Term] Care of Your Clients

October, 2020

SPOILER: The secret is that you can get the government to pay for Long-Term Care insurance for business owners and selected employees. If you or…

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The Value of Versatility with Van Mueller

September, 2020

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that there is more than one way to make a sale. If Van Mueller can reach his…

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