Web Search Secrets to Find Money in Motion Opportunities and New Prospects

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The internet has changed the way we do business because our prospects don’t need us to take them out to lunch anymore, because they have the ability to go online and research us. So if our prospects have buyer’s intelligence, what are YOU doing to research the other person before you walk in the door? 

There are billions of files that people post online – sometimes they’re secure, and sometimes they’re not. Sam Richter is going to introduce you to the invisible web and show you what percentage of the free and publicly accessible internet Google doesn’t even get to.

Key Takeaways:

  •  On average, each person in your office spends two+ hours each day looking for information
  •  Web search secrets that you never thought possible for finding industry information, company data, market opportunities, and even details about individuals
  •  How to use search engines in ways that 99% of the planet has no clue how to do – tips and tricks that will even work while searching for emails and files on your computer
  •  The “Invisible Web” – the 95% of the business Internet not easily found via search engines that holds a wealth of incredible information including free access to expensive subscription databases.
  •  Techniques for using online information to build strong business relationships, have the upper hand in negotiations, generate powerful introductions, and grow your business.

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“There are multiple ways to get targeted or general information about individuals, or industries. Gather more information.” -Barbara Cottrell

“How to access information about people you may want to meet….  Good job…always a pleasure hearing from your presentations…” -Jay Miller

“Plenty of ways to prospect.” -James Goodacre

“I need to include Social Media into my practice.” -ROBERTO CORRAL

“+ or” -signs & using the word or & sign ” ” & using Searchai. Will have to watch this again. Today was good.” -Henry McFadden

“There is an easier way!.” -Robert Leger

“More about tools that are available to advisors.” -Joe Swiderski

“Difference between suspect and prospect. Be more targeted in marketing approach. Ask better questions. Keep up the good work!” -Dennis Dean

“Should use better search criteria.” -Dan Altmire

“Data mining is important but confusing. There should be a handbook for this.” -JOSEPH DEMARCO

“How go acquire relevant information for upcoming client/ prospecting meetings. Be better prepared for meetings.” -Barry Moore

“What can be done with AI.” -Larry Matson

“Thank you for providing these wonderful inspiring programs!.” -Terry Vanderhoof

“OMG, so many things. The tools to use, i.e. how to refine a Google search, how to find pertinent, relevant information of interesting facts about others I may want to connect with, the different search tools outside of Google. Experimenting with ways to connect with others. Today’s session was phenomenal.” -Tonya White

“The value of targeted research. I’ll use the research before I meet with prospects.” -Grace Longo

“Tips tricks in Google and email searches. I’ll consider using their intel engine.” -Hien Luong

“Boolean. Search for files. Keep up the good work.” -Sanjay Arora

“How to search on Google for prospects. Laser-focus for prospects.”

“Linkedin tricks. First I’d like to hear it again. Is there a recording? Then I will focus on my prospecting. Good info thanks for sharing.” -Stan Allen

“SearchLink.ai….simply and honestly…I think that says it all!. Invest more time in doing better homework and research on information access sites, to prospect more and become more relevant to my clients. Great, Informative Webinar as always! I’ve heard Sam before but, he always impresses me anew each time I hear him give another presentation!.” -Joe Anthes

“Keep up with the extra ordinary work.” -Fochson Fung

“Searchlink.ai. Play with searchlink.ai.” -Chris Everett

“Search tools. Practice good searches.” -Rhonda Paluck

“Ask relevant questions. Research LinkedIn prospecting. Great job on finding relevant speakers !” -James Linenger

“Prospecting lists that weren’t zoom info.” -Howard Silvermintz

“The quote, “It is ALWAYS about THEM.” -Geoffrey Wright

“Use my CRM. Target market to people I would like to work with at my age. Enjoyed the session.” -Robert Priganc

“The tools!! See how I can use the tools.” -R Allan Jensen

“Information = Power. Use available information to frame relevant questions.” -Mike Evans

“Ways to search on google and linked in. Consider using some of the search ideas that were discussed.” -Mary Gruenberg