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Customer Success / Sales / Events Assistant

Established and rapidly growing marketing company for financial advisors seeks a self-starter with a can-do attitude who values the importance of financial education.

Working in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment, your role will revolve around customer service and sales, which includes:

  • answering phone calls
  • performing customer service tasks (updating their subscriptions, branding info in their marketing account, etc.)
  • scheduling sales calls for yourself to do demos of our service, and customer calls to do service reviews
  • hosting webinars to train customers (financial advisors) on our email and social media marketing system
  • scheduling calls for our Advisor Success Coach
  • designing and branding email templates and webpages for individual advisors
  • participating in Marketing Consultations, e.g. note-taking, making changes and updates to marketing packages that are requested by our advisors during the consultation
  • managing compliance approvals for advisors (submitting materials to compliance team, making edits, and posting approved materials)
  • working with web team to add tutorials and other content to our website
  • assisting with planning, execution, and follow up for our host’s speaking engagements around the country (and recently, world! Our host was recently in Australia! Check it out here:
  • assisting with planning, execution and followup for our annual advisor event in Madison, WI (hosted our FIRST EVER one in April 2019 and it was amazing. Check out recap video:
  • assisting with planning, execution and follow-up work for our monthly advisor training webinars.
  • assisting the team in testing new technologies, creating efficiencies and improving our service model to our advisors
  • other tasks and projects as needed. We are constantly moving forward, so we’re as excited as you are to see what comes up!


  • Not only computer literate, but technologically intuitive
  • Quick-learner
  • Good grammar
  • Easily adaptive and welcoming to change
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Takes notes habitually (this skill can be learned here if you don’t already have it. We. Love. Notes. Hate taking them, but it pays off every time.)
  • Self-managed and prioritizes tasks effectively (Management hates micromanaging. We love when you take the bull by the horns and use your creative skills and ideas to execute a project!)
  • Patient with advisors who need extra hand-holding with our technology : )


  • Mental state of abundance vs. scarcity
  • Fun-loving
  • Loves to learn and wants to be a forever-student
  • Eager to improve skills and service offering to our advisors
  • Loves to quote Parks & Rec, The Office, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Mean Girls, and other amazing media
  • Passionate about making the world a better place


You do not need any experience to succeed in this role that may seem intimidating. Three of four full-time team members have been hired right out of college and have gotten promotions and are succeeding in their roles!

Compensation will depend on experience, skills, strengths, ability to self-manage and performance over the first 90 days.