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Mission Statement

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The Real Wealth® Marketing core mission is to Educate, Inspire, and Motivate Americans to make smart decisions with their money. Real Wealth® produces content featuring industry greats such as Tom Hegna, Van Mueller, and Curtis Cloke to encourage consumers to do business with their financial professional. Real Wealth® is built for busy advisors who want to maintain a strong personal relationship with their clients and prospects in a meaningful way. The system leverages technology to offer a turnkey, compliant drip email and social media marketing solution. To educate advisors, we have Power Session LIVE webinars, which educates advisors to help them provide better services to their clients.

The History of Real Wealth®

Jim Silbernagel
Jim Silbernagel, Host & Founder of Real  Wealth®

Ever since reading the published reports of a negative savings rate in our country, Jim Silbernagel has had a passion to improve our nation’s financial literacy. His vision through Real Wealth® is to be a positive catalyst for change and to motivate fellow advisors to spread the word.

Jim, creator and host of the Real Wealth® program, is a financial advisor himself with over 25 years of experience in the financial industry. He understands the concerns and questions that both clients and advisors have, and brings solutions and answers to the table with Real Wealth®.

Real Wealth® is a strategic partner of NAIFA (National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors) members. NAIFA is the largest organization in the industry, made up of over 40,000 insurance and financial professionals around the country. By doing this, Jim hopes to reach as many Americans as possible to educate, inspire and motivate them to make sound financial decisions with the guidance of a professional.


Meet the Team Behind the Scenes

Joanne Silbernagel, First Lady of Real Wealth®joanne-silbernagel
Joanne is fantastic, and the perfect person to lead the Real Wealth® Team along with her husband, Jim. Joanne has been the biggest supporter of our entire mission and purpose since inception, and has been involved in the development every step of the way. Joanne loves to help out with any project or challenge the team may be facing, and even runs the Main Street Philanthropy program in a local high school, which promotes financial literacy, leadership, and purpose in today’s youth.






Angela Silbernagel, Director of Marketing & Project Manager

Angela SilbernagelAngela works on implementing new Strategic Partnerships and taking advantage of opportunities to spread financial literacy.

She keeps her eyes and mind open to how we can improve our suite of services for insurance and financial professionals. She also manages the Power Session LIVE webinar series and the Advisor Toolbox, both of which educate, inspire, motivate and further the expertise of our Real Wealth® Advisors.




Kayla Joosse, Marketing Coordinator & Content Quality Manager

Kayla has her hands in many different processes at Real Wealth®, but you will get to work one-on-one with her for any custom campaign you have. Start to finish, she will help you make it personal to you and your clients.  While you may also talk to Kayla when you call our office with your questions, Kayla enjoys working behind the scenes, implementing and carrying out various projects.  She enjoys all of her projects and loves the atmosphere of her job, both with coworkers and clients. Kayla loves how Real Wealth® clients are friendly and fun and keep every call interesting.  She thoroughly enjoys the team player setting at Real Wealth® where everyone works alone in their own offices but come together at least once a day to collaborate on different projects and meetings. The balance between solo and group work has turned her coworkers into some of her best friends, making work seem more like play. With a Bachelor of Business Administration from Wisconsin Lutheran paired with her passion for education, Kayla’s goal at Real Wealth® is to help spread financial literacy and positively impact as many families and individuals as possible.

In her free time, Kayla loves to travel, read, spend time outside, and enjoy time with her friends.  She has volunteered at the Children’s Hospital and has taught in first through sixth grade classrooms, and she loves the creativity and joy it brought her.  Kayla’s life motto is “Sine metu vivere,” which is Latin for “to live without fear.”


Joey Roper, Production Manager

When you call Real Wealth®, chances are you will get to chat with Joey.

She enjoys teaching people about Real Wealth® and answering questions for clients.  When she is not helping clients, she is either planning events, producing podcasts, or doing fun and interesting projects.  Her favorite things about working at Real Wealth® are the pace and the family atmosphere.  There is always something new to learn, a new project to implement, and so many new ideas to be had, and she loves that her job is different everyday that she is in the office.  Everyone helps everyone else out, and Joey gets to on-board both clients and coworkers onto different technologies. Not only does she enjoy all of those pieces of her job, but with a BA in English from the University of Kentucky, she also enjoys being the office proofreader.  In addition, her previous jobs as a waitress and a volunteer English teacher abroad have taught her patience and how to understand what people want and need the most.  This, and her job here at Real Wealth®, has made her goal clear: to help educate and spread financial literacy to people who didn’t even know they needed it.

In her free time, Joey enjoys crafting with family and friends, music, and travelling. She also loves to read, write, and hopes to learn how to play the guitar.  Her life motto is “what a fi yu, cyaan be un fi yu,” which is a Patois saying her grandfather says that means “whatever is for you, will always be for you.”