Variable Universal Life in a Volatile Market

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In spite of choppy equity markets, variable life is again the fastest growing life product in terms of year over year growth with new premium sales up 50% in the first quarter according to LIMRA.  In my presentation, I will discuss reasons for this seeming anomaly and specific VUL product features and riders that can be used to reduce risk for policyholders.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why VUL sales are growing in spite of market turbulence
  • How annual premiums serve as dollar cost averaging
  • How VUL products with death benefit guarantees reduce impact of market turbulence
  • How the newest crop of VUL products for accumulation make servicing of these products easier

Agenda, subject to change:

  • 10:30: Intros
  • 10:35: Larry Rybka presents: Variable Universal Life in a Volatile Market
  • 11:30: Real Wealth® updates
  • 11:35: Q&A
  • 12:25: Closings
  • 12:30: End

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“Checking out the fee based product that was mentioned.” -John Wheeler

“Just keep doing what you do.” -Robert Rifkin

“Practicing the golden rule always works in the long run. The importance of understanding all the intricacies of every product to give our clients the knowledge to make the best decisions for them. Review products owned by existing clients, and update them on new products that may meet their needs. Be grateful that I haven’t sold IULs.” -Barbara Cottrell

“Language of how Larry Rybka presents life insurance. Emulate the language used by Larry. Visit his website and get more information/knowledge. I enjoy your presentations every month.” -Gobind Hemnani

“The information presented on the slides was terrific!” -Christopher Worrall

“This is the best of the best!!! If you can kindly pass on some of my questions that we did not get to due to time constraint, to larry I would truly appreciate it.” -Fochson Fung

“VUL with an ongoing monthly premium payment will, in the long-term, out-perform VUL that took only an initial lump sum premium payment.” -Brian Edelstein

“Great info all around. Dangers of premium finance was very interesting. IUL concerns, etc. Thanks for the great session!” -Diane Yohn

“Valuable information around VUL. I am a lender, I do not sell insurance. We are currently working to add the UL/VUL/IUL products to our lending capabilities and I wanted to learn more about them.” -Brenda Newton

“Nationwide product.” -Kevin Fox

“Fee Based VUL.” -David Talbot

“If you don’t know the jewels know the jeweler.” -David Bonifas

“Get my securities license again. Open end questions keep asking.” -Howard Gruber

“VUL not as risky as thought. Explore product options more.” -Thomas Brophy

“I’m in NY & we’re always different & it’s hard to get a class where it applies to us.” -Shelley Bullock

“VUL has the least long term risk… Continue to focus on VUL! Excellent webinar!” -William Mahoney

“Pay attention to the companies you sell for and make sure they are following the Golden Rule.” -Robert Priganc

“That VULs can actually be safer than a whole life policy! I am going to make sure I know all of the options available for my clients. This was one of the best presentations I have seen in my recent memory.” -Dennis Dean, LUTCF, CLU

“Life insurance design questionnaire, E-rate card tool, offering comparisons (three cars at the dealership), get help and get educated about the real complexity in these products. Incorporate the above and call Larry to find out how to work together.” -Mark Pernicano

“The ease to present the 3 ways to view the insurance product…the corvette, the suv, the volt,… and the golden rule for sales…always a truism…thanks for a great job… Simplify context and categories of plans. More on how to present big solutions within one page thoughts….thanks for a job well done.” -Jay Miller

“How the VUL strategy is a valuable tool.” -Larry Matson

“It was good to hear VULs come back into the discussion.” -George Cheatham

“Too much to list but the new Nationwide product sticks out along with the risk IUL policies bring to clients. Learn more about VUL policies and what license(s) I need to sell this product as I am interested in offering more choices to my clients. This goes hand in hand with RILAs and PPVUL policies I want to explore and offer my clients.” -Roberto Corral