Long Term Care: More common and costly than imagined

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Dr. Bob Pokorski joins our program this month to discuss the rising cost of Long-Term Care as November is Long Term Care Insurance Awareness Month! Join us for “Long-Term Care: More common and costly than imagined,” where Dr. Bob will touch on reasons for increased costs in care, what we can do to combat the rising costs, and how you can impact the lives of your clients.

Key Takeaways:

  • The 5 Ws of LTC
  • Understand who should be providing Long-Term Care for your clients
  • What the rising cost of LTC means for your clients
  • How to estimate likeliness and cost of LTC
  • How changing family structure can impact costs of LTC

Agenda, subject to change:

  • 10:30: Intros
  • 10:35: Dr. Bob Pokorski presents “Long-Term Care: More common and costly than imagined
  • 11:30: Real Wealth® updates
  • 11:35: Q&A
  • 12:25: Closings
  • 12:30: End

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“That I truly need to be an expert in this field. Focus on this specialty niche that’s our country’s greatest financial crisis.” -Armando Paz Jr

“Be more aggressive in discussing LTC & Estate Planning w clients.” -Steve Milazzo

“My God, so many people out there are going to be screwed in many ways for not having LTC coverage 🙁 You guys do a very good job.” -Bill Abraham

“The 5W’s & who will really take care of their parents. Talk even more about LTC with clients & prospects.” -David Oldenburg

“Non-HIPPA needs. Explain the Club Sandwich. If you can’t afford Long-term Care, you have other alternatives such as Short’ Term Care. I’m going to freshen up on Medicaid and Medicare Guidelines and our state laws to be well informed.” – Dan Altmire

“Long Term Care Awareness, get to understand the importance of applying for Long Term Care at a younger age, We’ll all need these services sometime in the future. Start introducing LTC Conversation with my clients.” -Mayra Abreu

“Wow, this is serious. Always talk to everyone, ask parents. Would you (parents) want your kids to be in place where they were paying for your care.” -Dan Cairns

“The 5 w’s. Begin the conversations.” -Glenn Newlin

“5 W of LTC. Become more of an advocate for long-term care planning. Men Die Women Linger. (MDWL) MD WL Medical Doctor Winning or Losing time to seriously consider LTC as a durable goods.” -Fochson Fung

“Coverage and lack of coverage between Pre Hippa and Hippa stages requiring some level(s) of care. Very Insightful !!! Definitely introduce the topic and potential client discussion regarding extended care needs and there impact upon retirement planning.” – Franklin

“Stories, and the need to talk to everyone about the many solutions to the problem. Something is better than nothing. Intro the subject with every new client and document the conversations.” -Brent Anderson

“The different stages when one might qualify for a long-term care insured benefit. Always great and informative webinars.” – Marc Maretsky