THRIVE During the Economic Downturn

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“Great to learn how important it is to consider taxes and that taxes are going to have more of an impact on a retirement than market downturns. Great presenters.” – Steve Hennessy

“Very good session. Love Van and his thoughts.” – John Blazevich

“Transferable sales ideas.” – Alan Kifer

“Great info and insight!” – Damian Calato

“Loved the thoroughness of the planning process.” – Kyle Volokhov

“Van never fails to impress and give great ideas for use with clients.” – Robert Edgin

“Valuable tax info.” – Fabiola Pastorino

“I really enjoy the practical real life sales tools presented.” – Nick Davidson

“The sales ideas were solid.” – Timothy Mcqueen

“Van – Always love to hear him speak! Great job!” – Jon Voegele

“Great to understand how taxes can help in selling Life Insurance.” – Fred Callahan

“The sales ideas were terrific!” – David Janson

“The tax savings ideas were great.” – Kevin Brown

“Loved hearing the methods of moving IRA money out, declaring income, and reinvesting in life or annuity.” – Mark Passow

“I don’t believe I have heard a better description of why Variable Life policies fail, than Jim’s description….it mirrors my own experience. I just never had someone describe the failure process in plain English. Refreshing session and to hear Jim’s honesty in saying he could have been wrong.” – Rich Lazarski

“Amazing content.” – Jeff Hochwalt

“It was all very informative. From beginning to end. I look forward to the follow up email.” – Sabrina Mason

“Van continues to provide insight beyond awesome! Please continue having more of the same type of webinars!” – Richard Orred

“Looking forward to using some of the tax concepts.” – Raymond Sternberg

“Great value proposition on cash value LI.” – Mark DeGrave

“Valuable ideas to leverage our assets.” – Donald N Pacheco Jr

“DOL Fiduciary Update was valuable.” – Joshua Dobbs

“Valuable tax discussion. Great job.” – John Wheeler

“Thanks for the DOL discussion.” – Kevin Krusenoski

“True info on the DOL issue.” – Thom Trimble

“Valuable sales ideas.” – Woody Syverson

“Timely discussion & ideas.” – Dennis Kistner

“Good tax strategies.” – Jody Parker

“Great ideas and concepts discussed.” – Michael Kleen

“Loved the emphasis on using the tax code in the presentations.” – Randall Reichenbach

“Strategies and language were fantastic.” – Erin Reilly

“Thanks for the update on DOL-BIC contract. Good job.” – Casey Eden

“Loved the sales ideas on the economic discussion.” – Kathleen Rankin

“All was valuable. Thank you.” – Stan Hefner

“Learned about reducing taxes for our clients and the strategies to do that.” – Joe Swiderski

“These webinars are always valuable.” – Debra Stein

“Van Mueller is simply awesome. Great ideas from him and Jim.” – Douglas Nurenberg

“Awesome Life Insurance segment, would love to listen again!” – Lisa Hatterman

“All was valuable – hard to set one idea above another.” – J Cornell Svaren

“Everything was great.” – Jim VanderWaal

“Loved talking about taxes. This is of value to members.” – Ken Robey

“Everything discussed today was so vital to my business I cannot pick which topic was most valuable other then ALL!” – Beth Fahning-Hanggi

“Good ideas and excellent update on DOL. Keep up the good work.” – David Bailey

“Detailed information and facts.” – Michael Antkowiak

“I found all topics valuable, but most important was Critical Care. Looking forward to more of your monthly presentations.” – Constance Hendrickson

“Van and Jim gave great sales ideas.” – John Burrell

“Excellent!” –  Dean Hempel

“Loved the verbal nuggets given on how to communicate to prospects/clients.” – Glenn Newlin

“Awesome selling opportunities in Life insurance. Enjoyed this session very much. Thank you.” – John Ranieri

“Great discussion of leverage and taxes pertaining to Life Ins.” – Matthew Berger

“Sales Ideas and the DOL discussion were all great.” – Bruce Barteau

“Certainly enjoyed the insights into sales presentations based on tax consideration as well as the update on the DOL situation.” – Sarah Kerr

“Valuable sales strategies and approach.” – Daniel Humphrey

“Learned a lot! Reviewing clients’ tax situations over their investment performances. How to take taxable income/distributions off the Tax table!” – Joe Anthes

“Great concepts and being reminded how noble our profession is.” – Rick Lam

“Great ideas on how to be a master communicator. Great simple sales ideas.” – Matthew Echelmeier

“Thanks for the product and legislative education. Keep this format coming!!” – Chris Kallen

“Great session on Life & Annuity Sales Ideas, Critical Illness Ins as part of a retirement plan & DOL Update.” – David Kikoen

“Different perspectives about current economic condition.” – Willie Franklin

“Using Critical Illness in talking about future medical and retirement goals. Leveraging assets. What a great conference call!” – Charles Chalker

“Everything was great.” – Stephen Ashley

“Great tips, language and updates on the industry.” – Rich Kettley

“Van Mueller is a rock star.” – Robert Hill

“Great information about the subject/problem.” – Robert Hughes

“The use of the Tax Tables to assist your clients in finding “tax free” money to increase their tax free returns!!!” – James Van Ham

“Rejuvenated the excitement behind some of the things I do already. Gained a couple ideas using the taxes portion of the webinar. Thank you to Van for his impassioned request for all to join NAIFA!!!” – Rick Shaheen

“Thanks for the fiduciary update.” – Randy Mader

“Great discussion about importance of critical illness insurance.” – Rodney Trottman

“I appreciated the background on the DOL. And of course all the encouragement from Jim and Van about the value of NAIFA. Thanks Guys!” – Laura DeGolier

“Great ideas on how to make the sale – start with their opinion on market, and largely go from there.” – Alan Capewell

“Sales ideas from successful and passionate speakers. Also appreciated Mr. Dougherty taking time to update on the DOL ruling.” – Tim Whisler

“Great life ins sales ideas.” – Jeff Reilly

“Everything. Great information and strategies presented!” – Ryan Davis

“New insights to help clients engage in the decisions about their solutions. The approaches and rationales were mind-opening !!!” – Franklin “SKIP” Walter II

“Importance of explaining to our clients how much tax efficient withdrawals impact the longevity of their portfolio’s more than returns.” – Steve Bowlds

“Loved Van Mueller’s sales ideas.” – Bonnie Baglien

“ALL OF IT was awesome.” – Dave Toeben

“Loved “find the money” ideas/taxes!” – Kim Colby

“Great potential sales ideas and DOL clarification.” – Chad Hruska

“The talk about what they see ahead for the economy and the strategies to be prepared.” – Jim Kontopoulos

“Simple presentations and analysis were great.” – Laurel Ziemann

“Great information being disseminated.” – Patrick Linehan

“Loved hearing the technique of removing money from a qualified plan with little or no taxation.” – Elmer Brinkman

“Harvest gains from tax savings for other products for clients. I thought the entire session was excellent.” – Ronald House

“The reason for the market upswings and the sales ideas. Always great to hear Van.” – Bekki Harper

Sales Ideas from the Top of the Table.

Part One: Critical Illness Insurance Sales Ideas 10:30 – 10:40 am CDT Critical Illness Expert Don Hansen will join us for the first 10 minutes of our session. People are beginning to feel the effects of the ACA and having high deductibles. Don Hansen will discuss some opportunities with Critical Illness Insurance that will help offset that burden for your clients.

Part Two: THRIVE During the Economic Downturn 10:40 – 11:40 Top of the Table Advisors Van Mueller and Jim Silbernagel present how to:

-Use the recession to set appointments.

-Keep your clients safe

-Achieve success… even during economic disaster.

Part Three: DOL Update!  11:40 – 12:00 The DOL Rule has been released! NAIFA’s Incoming President, Paul Dougherty will give us the latest on how the rule affects you and the resources NAIFA is putting together to support you.