Social Security: BIG Changes & BIG Opportunities

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“Great information about changes and possible changes to social security benefits.” – Debi Hewitt

“Valuable to learn how to deal with client issues and putting SS in as a part of that plan. Well done.” – R. Richard Duryea

“Great ideas presented on how to combat the changes in SS.” – William Torres

“Great info and clear presentation.” – Sam Wilson

“Loved hearing the changes explained in a way we can understand and then use to help our customers.” – Tad Teeples

“Robin’s overview of the 10 big changes on the table for discussion were awesome, as were Tim’s discussion on how to use this information to create opportunities with our clients/prospects.” – Mitch Harmes

“I was most interested in the file & suspend portion. He answered a lot of my questions.” – Joe Trevino

“I now have a better understanding of Restricted Application.” – Daniel Watson

“Need to shift more retirement income control to my clients using different methods, rather than having them rely on Social Security being there as a base income.” – Steven Helling

“Brought to light the urgency to help our clients and friends with SS concerns.” – Jack Knight

“The entire call was great and the resources they provided for more information will be helpful. DOL update was great as well.” – Kathy Dietz

“Valuable to realize the opportunity we have as advisors to impact our clients’ futures. We need to be talking about having the right amount of guaranteed income in retirement.” – David Janson

“Great clarification of Social Security changes.” – John Bounds

“Very thorough and well-explained points on the social security changes and how to communicate to clients what may change.” – Steven Oriol

“Relevant and immediately applicable to my practice.” – Win Havir

“The specifics that were given were very valuable.” – Cheryl Tidwell

“Valuable to learn how Social Security may change going forward. Very informative-very glad I attended.” – Thomas Rausch

“Clear & candid information & understandings. This was MOST excellent!!!” – Franklin Walter II

“I appreciated the specific examples of upcoming changes that are being proposed in regards to social security. The information was in-depth and easy to understand. The additional information about the DOL fiduciary changes was very beneficial. It’s obvious that Mr. Gaudreau is passionate about upholding the values of NAIFA and our industry as a whole.” – Kyleigh Parks

“Excellent presentation. Great review and nice to hear a fresh perspective.” – Larry Slabosz

“The presenters knew their business and were very helpful in clearing up many of my questions about both the restricted application and file and suspend.” – Carolyn Shelby

“Great to see how to use rule changes to create a sense of urgency for planning.” – Graham Wright

“Thanks for the deeper dive into the various ways that SS may change in the future as well as sales ideas to help clients augment or replace SS income they may have been planning to receive.” – Celine Pastore

“Extremely relative to the Social Security changes AND the DOL rule status.” – Kathleen Apodaca

“Valuable to have the ability to ask questions and clarify an ongoing issue. Loved hearing the thoughts of two great presenters on how to find a substitute for the “File and Suspend” strategy.” – James Van Ham

“Confirmation of dates on changes, and overview of other changes expected.” – Gena Wallis

“Up-to-date info on what lies ahead for Social Security!” – Roy Lerner

“Not only were the changes in Social Security explained, but it was also reviewed as to which options are still available with regard to social security benefits and what is available in the marketplace.” – Carol Wilcox

“Clear and concise language most, if not all, could understand. While this did not make us experts, it certainly put us in a position to assist our clients in becoming advocates for themselves.” – Gary Post

“It was great to hear the value of informing clients of changes to social security benefits and its impact in their lives. It is true, very few individuals understand how the benefit is paid or available options.” – James Erickson

“Pertinent, immediately usable information. Keep it up!” – TJ DiBacco

“Very well done. Very professionally presented.” – John Cart

“Good, high-level review of recent changes.” – Jeff Snyder

“Valuable to learn about the options to enhance the income stream of retirees using SPIAs, DIAs and Permanent Life Insurance.” – Lyell Gardner

“All of it was so valuable! I was looking for information to share with my clients on this subject, and you delivered. Just what I was looking for.” – Martha Walker

“Detailed information about current changes to Social Security and more importantly, some of the future proposed changes! All the presenters were efficient in the amount of time they had to cover such a vast topic of information. Well done! Probably one of your best!” – Joe Anthes

“File and Suspend was one of the major planning tactics so much that is dominated the conversation previously. Today’s call reminds us of the many other planning tactics that were in some ways forgotten or overlooked. Great session. Thank you for this service and thank you (the presenters) for giving back.” – Thomas Chrisman

“Valuable to hear the opportunities that are available when discussion social security benefits. Social Security is a great door opener which leads to a discussion of retirement planning and in turn leads to a discussion of annuities and life insurance.” – Richard Jacobs

“Great presentation as usual. Great hearing the options for SS moving forward to fix the issues.” – Chadd Watson

“They presented with clarity on an otherwise confusing subject matter.” – Bill Abraham

“The forecast of potential fixes to the system and opportunities available were valuable.” – Glenn Newlin

What this session covers:

The File & Suspend option is gone! Social Security Experts Robin Mueller and Tim Kiesling will discuss the changes in detail, and the new opportunities available that will help you protect your clients’ retirement income. NAIFA President Jules Gaudreau joins the end of the call to give us another update on the DOL issue.