Tools of a Top of the Table Advisor

To be the best advisor, you also need to be a great business person. These three tools will help you propel your business to new levels of success!

  1. Save thousands of dollars on taxes with Leading Tax Expert and Attorney Sandy Botkin’s Taxbot Tool for business owners.
  2. Turn prospects into clients. Coach Connie Kadansky will teach you how to eliminate sales call reluctance, because it’s not your product or service that makes people buy… it’s you.
  3. Close the sale. Adding Charitable Planning to your practice can dramatically increase your revenues. Expert Evan Unzleman shows you how to have an effective exit strategy in place to give your clients peace of mind, which will help you close the case.
  4. Industry Update. Tim Kiesling speaks on the Social Security changes, and NAIFA’s Judi Carsrud gives us another update on the DOL issue.

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What Advisors Think of this Session

Topic Rating
Presenter(s) Rating

“Loved learning about the IRS mileage recording tool.” – Alexis Harris

“All were topics of interest.” – Eva Abate

“Great section on call reluctance.” – Chris Liebum

“Enjoyed the prospecting discussion and learning about Taxbot.” – David Hynes

“Connie Kadansky’s portion was great.” – Keith Eakins

“Great ideas on marketing and CRT’s.” – Robert Hughes

“Learned a lot from the prospecting and call reluctance portion.” – David Janson

“Great to learn about taxbot and marketing/call reluctance ideas.” – Jim Bennett

“Thanks for the CRT Discussion.” – Michael Hayes

“Good business building tips.” – Annie Shanks

“Loved the Sales Coaching on Sales Call Reluctancy and Taxbot.” – Bradley Gayheart

“Great presentations. It is always a good idea to implement the tax consequences of any strategy before beginning anything.  If the advisers are thinking about tax reductions, then their clients will benefit from and reductions that the adviser can assist with.” – Steve Molitor

“Very valuable info all the way around.” – Lawrence Bassell

“Thanks for doing the legislative update.” – Randy Mader

“All great. Taxbot and the DOL update and prospecting reluctance were the best.” – Stan Hefner

“Great ideas. I will Make time for Marketing and look into using Taxbot.” – Tina Huynh

“It was all helpful. Really liked the discussion about call reluctance. Also appreciate the updates on DOL issue.” – Shane Rogers

“Great presentations from Tax Records guy and ideas on Charitable Planning.” – James Van Ham

“Loved the Taxbot info and update on DOL regulation.” – Norbert Ruiz

“Thanks for the Social Security info.” – Bill Shefte

“Call Reluctance Talk was great.” – Ken Beer

“I liked the section on Call Reluctance.” – Janice Meissner

“The Taxbot Presentation was awesome.” – Kevin Dernehl

“All of it was great! The new DOL rule proposal is very high on our lists…” – James Copp

“Loved hearing about the social security changes and new ideas on prospecting.” – Eunhui Park

“Great prospecting and lead generation tips.” – Randel Blake

“TaxBot could be a game-changer for my agents, I will look into it ASAP. Also, great info from NAIFA rep. Not enough people understand how awful this DOL issue will be for our industry and ultimately hurt individual investors. Also loved the Call Reluctance piece. Everything you do is beneficial.” – Ryan Paris

“Entire call was great.” – Terry W Jones

“All sections, very good. Particularly liked the Called Reluctance and DOL Update. Keep the DOL updates and great topics coming.” – Mark Kokosko

“Learned there are some real opportunities in CRTs. Liked the info on taxbot and plan to use. Judi is so good on the DOL. I will increase my involvement.” – Tom Rountree

“Great info on the DOL regulation and Taxbot.” – June Powell

“I found the taxbot to be very useful.” – Mark Gabriel

“It is always good to stay informed in this business. DOL info was most helpful.” – Charlotte Ghazarian

“Valuable presentations today. Offered broad appeal.” – Thomas Garcia

“The portions on CRT and DOL were helpful.” – Tobin Hoffmann

“The call reluctance portion was the best – I had my entire team listen to it.” – Shank Kothare

“Great info on CRUT Rollovers.” – Graham Wright

“Great ideas for prospecting.” – Tom Jacobson

“Loved the session on Taxbot.” – Glenn Newlin

“Great info on taxbot; sales call reluctance; like the multi topics/multi speakers on one webinar – can maximize time.” – Laurel Ziemann

“The Taxbot presentation was interesting, informative and useful.” – Joe Anthes

“Great presentations on Call Reluctance and Taxbot. Keep these webinars coming.” – Lee Bowman

“Great information about prospecting and cold calling.” – Lea Sommers