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Don Hansen

Author, Entrepreneur and Insurance Expert

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Donald A. Hansen is president and co-owner of multiple businesses.  The Ark Group is a national insurance planning and brokerage company that specializes in training professionals who look to advise their clients instead of take orders from spreadsheets. Unlike most brokerage companies, The Ark Group approaches each client from a conceptual stand point. Whether the advisor’s client is building toward retirement, in retirement or owns a business, The Ark Group understands that every client is unique and deserves the most innovative solutions. The Ark Group has strong relationships with over sixty of the nation’s strongest insurance companies and offers top compensation to advisors.

Mr. Hansen is also co-owner of Concierge Benefit Services, which offers innovative, free market based healthcare solutions for Americans.  These non-insurance based healthcare solutions save consumers significant time and money…and provides them the tools to be empowered and more proactive in their healthcare.  Concierge Benefit Services is at the cutting edge of telemedicine, medical bill negotiation and other non-insurance healthcare benefits in the US.

Mr. Hansen also writes articles for several insurance industry publications and most recently had his book “By the Content of Your Character” published…exclusively available for purchase on the website.  He lives in Omaha with his wife, Brook and son, Ari. Mr. Hansen is very active in his church and multiple nonprofits in the community.


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