Pairing Health & Critical Illness Insurance

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The holes in healthcare coverage have opened up a huge opportunity for you! This session with Experts Terry Frett and Don Hansen will prepare you for your clients’ health insurance questions and reveal the sales opportunities that have made it Don’s best year yet.

PLUS, stay tuned for an update on the DoL rules from NAIFA President, Paul Dougherty!

What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“How critical illness insurance can be important in a comprehensive health insurance plan for a family. I will consider selling critical illness insurance and increasing our focus on selling life insurance and DI insurance.” – Julie Verley

“Great attitude: there is always hope when you look for the opportunity. I will share more during annual reviews the possibilities of gap insurance through Critical Illness and share my personal experience.” – Doug McMurry

“Wasn’t aware of the NAIFA Workshop! I’m going to reevaluate my options going forward with regard to the DOL.” – Chuck Lape

“Really enjoyed the news on Health insurance and ACA. Thought I was up on everything but I learned a couple of items! I will be more aware to look for opportunities with CI.” – Patrick Garrabrant

“Thank you to NAIFA for the involvement in our industry at the national level. I will get more involved at the state level.” – Eugene Choate

“Critical Illness benefits pair plans with the critical illness as an option. Thank you.” – JoEllen Schneider

“Will still work the small group benefits market, along with retirement planning aimed at biz owners.” – R Allan Jensen

“More information to share with clients about what is going on in the individual health market. Dig deeper for getting creative with health insurance combined with supplemental plans. Keep up the good work. I feel more in tune with what is going on in our business by being on these sessions. Thank you!” – Joe Swiderski

“Terry Frett’s frank discussion about the negative and real life effects of the ACA and how it has affected his business. Reevaluate moving to a fee based structure for health insurance advice to individuals. Thank you for encouraging NAIFA membership so we can increase our numbers as we unite to protect our business.” – Terry Farmer

“The government is compromising the ability to make and keep wealth. Try to get more customers to purchase whole life.” – Daniel Meldazis

“These webinars are a great NAIFA Member service.” – Joseph Guess

“Learned more about Wisconsin insurance… didn’t really apply to me but it was interesting. Learned more about DOL from Paul Doughtery. Great to hear the reasons to buy Critical Illness to fill in the gaps.” – Pamela Williams

“I will now consider critical illness insurance as an offering.” – Charlie Potts

“The importance with direct communication with clients. I need more one on one contact and to keep clients aware of what is going on in the ACA marketplace & DOL changes.” – William Riley

“Learned husband and wife group plans are available. I will sell more insurance.” – Martin Culver

“DOL & CI were very useful for me. I will keep my fingers crossed!” – Randall Reichenbach

“DOL update was great. Nothing new, just keep the on the path toward preparing for adherence to the new DOL environment.” – Chuck Stickney

“Very informative session.” – Gail Dodd

“In every challenge there is always opportunity! I will build deeper relationships with clients through reviews and ask for referrals from clients to grow my business. This is a time when we need to all unite together and support each other through the coming changes.” – Win Havir

“CI is a great way to differentiate myself and my business.” – Howard Silvermintz

“We’re in a world of hurt! I will talk to more clients about their health insurance options! Thanks a ton! Great job.” – Mark Miller

“We are not alone in attempting to help clients with group and individual insurance! I will look closely to consider the addition of CI insurance.” – Douglas Bird

“The ACA is slowly imploding. I will become an expert on critical care insurance.” – Greg Nicoll

“DOL update was great.” – Grant Thompson